We believe that time is one of the most valuable resources in the world. We create time for our customers - for innovations and bold business ideas. With our leading edge know-how, we are the market leader for business & technology transformation. As the best employer we inspire generations.

With our leading edge competencies in the areas of business consulting, cloud, communication, IT architecture, digital transformation, modern work, network, security, data science and infrastructure, we serve our customers in an inspiring, simple, and engaging way.

Our services create time for essential things.



The art of creating time

We believe that time is one of the most valuable resources in the world. In an era of unprecedented choice and increasing speed of innovation, customer expectations are changing ever faster. Time is therefore the raw material to turn good ideas into great projects. We create time with smart IT solutions enabling you to realize your ideas.

A 360-degree view is still essential. But there is often not enough time to achieve goals. A greater focus on core competencies and thus more time is needed to stay one step ahead of customers and competitors.

We call it «creating time».

By giving our clients more time, we help them to continuously strengthen their core competencies and produce exceptional results.

Time for professional development, events and regeneration also has top priority within our corporate culture. We have been named Switzerland's best employer several times and are the best employer in Europe. What accounts for our success? It is our team. We do all we can for a good atmosphere. Many large Swiss companies and SMEs therefore rely on our motivated and inspiring team!

We have received several awards as Switzerland's best employer in recognition of our corporate management. Among UMB's clients are well-known large Swiss companies and SMEs.

We are looking forward to every additional co-worker who will support us in «the art of creating time».