«You subscribe to New Work. We take care of the rest.»

New Work Genius
24/7 - focus on your core business

The current situation

Brand new will be old tomorrow

In an era of accelerating innovation, you need plenty of time to keep up with the latest tech trends.

_Modern work?
_Where do you work?
_How do you work?

The things you really excel at, the core of your competence _ remain undone.

The challenges

Keeping an eye on your core business

Even with a great deal of commitment and constant adaptation, the ongoing evolution of the technical environment is a burden for you and your team that keeps you from focusing on your core business.

UMB Circle of Workplace

The solution

New Work

We will build an environment for you that is tailored to your needs. You can use and manage Modern Work or subscribe to it as a service. We will take care of the rest.

You can concentrate on your core business and will always have the very latest technology available in your environment. No matter when, no matter where.

New Work: Just Sit Down and Enjoy


You subscribe to New Work_we will take care of the rest.

_ do what you do best.



Microsoft 365 assessment with UMB

The advantages of the Modern Work Genius

Always the very latest technological environment
Always everything - everywhere
Concentration on your core business
24/7 services

Time saved per colleague when using New Work

Stationary workstations
200 hours/year

50% mobile workstations
1000 hours/year

100% mobile workstations
10 000 hours/year

A New Work subscription makes each of your colleagues 30min faster per day.

30 min/day

*1360 work hours per year

Our clients

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