The current situation

Today, advanced and sophisticated attacks are the order of the day. That's why cybersecurity is at the top of every organization's agenda. Even the simplest services - such as a copying machine, a printer or any other office device - can become a gateway for attacks. That's why you need someone to advise and protect you: The Security Angel.


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The challenges

Lack of awareness
Are you aware of cyber risks and the consequences for your business? Click here for the 10 cybersecurity misconceptions.

Excess information
False alarms reduce security awareness.

No oversight
You and your employees leave traces. Do you know what the world knows about you?

Being alone
Hackers are well connected and well informed. Are you also well connected or are you alone?

Missing technologies
Because systems are too expensive or not suitable for SMEs in terms of handling

relevant threats

Can you tell whether the perimeter is compromised?​

The threat landscape

The threat landscape shows an increasing variety of cyberattacks. These are becoming more sophisticated, more targeted, more widespread, and are going undetected for a longer period of time. Here's the hit list of threats and an assessment of the trends. We'll be happy to explain the details.

The solution

UMB cyber defense services

Using the UMB risk matrix your cyber security can be properly assessed. We will make an initial measurement of all your touchpoints, an assessment of how high the probability of an occurrence is and an assessment of how big the impact would be. Then, we will work with you to determine which parameters need to be changed and over what time frames.

With the UMB defense funnel, attacks are filtered out in four steps. In the first step, millions of data sources are scanned and filtered out accordingly. In the second step, security technologies are checked. In the third step, the remaining data is analyzed and in the fourth step, an exact solution will be defined for each case.

UMB Cyber Defense Services

The advantages of UMB cyber security.

> 4,5 billion events per month

We know the dangers at all times.

38,000 systems monitored

We will secure your systems.

1'080 services monitored

We monitor 1'080 services, always.

24/7 service

24h helpline - and you can sleep peacefully.


Time and cost to remediate/combat attacks.

10,000 hours/year

1,000 hours/year

200 hours/year

Better safe than sorry​
You gain approximately the annual work time of 7 colleagues through each prevented reactive security case.

10,000 hours/year

*Equivalent to approximately 7 full-time positions over a full year.

I would not wish an incident of this magnitude on anyone. Meier Tobler has responded to this and is implementing a new, strong IT system with UMB!

Martin Schäppi, Head of Corporate Communications, Meier Tobler AG

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