UMB Communication Expert

«Communication is not just important. It is the most important thing of all.»

Communication Champ
Ensures absolutely reliable connections and perfect teamwork. Always and everywhere.

The initial situation

Without communication, there is no collaboration. And without collaboration, there can be no corporate success. Smooth and efficient communication is the be all and end all in a company.

Today, there are unprecedented opportunities for efficient collaboration across any distance.

IT cooperation - how will it work in the future?

The challenges

How do your employees work in their home office - just as well as in the company?  How can your employees communicate securely, reliably and also quickly? And how do we ensure that security will not be compromised?

How can we ensure the smooth flow of information between company sites and home offices?

The Solution

We will build a communications infrastructure where location truly no longer plays a role. And we guarantee the same high security standards. We will digitalize and optimize your business communications with our solutions. Allowing you to rely on your core business and always have the best connection. No matter when, no matter where.

More information

We make an initial measurement of all your touchpoints, an assessment of where they have potential for improvement and what priorities they have. Then, together with you, we determine which parameters need to be changed and in which time frames.

Seamless transformation under full load
As a company, you will gain the annual working time of approximately 11 colleagues if your company can continue to operate seamlessly during transformation periods.

10,000 hours/year

*1360 work hours per year

Your contacts

Thomas Schäfer
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