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UMB IT as a Service: Let Our Experts Do the Job.

It is possible, of course, to do everything yourself in IT. But the question is whether that is sufficiently secure, flexible, reliable, and whether it makes economic sense. Do you have the many specialists and systems it takes to operate an IT infrastructure professionally? We do. Over 700 experienced system engineers will take care of your IT in the cloud or on-premises, creating time for you.

Whether on your premises as managed services, in the UMB cloud, in a public cloud, or in a multicloud model: we will operate your IT securely, reliably, and flexibly. Giving you more time to do what you do best - your core business.

We offer IT as a service at fixed monthly costs. We even offer models where your costs are based on your business volume and we share the entrepreneurial risk - as in the case of Arosa Tourism, for example.

This brings the following advantages for you

  • Dynamic response to market requirements
  • Scalable resources
  • Maximum security and compliance
  • Reduction of complexity, interfaces, and total costs
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • IT leadership

Advantages with UMB Operations

Service delivery management

Our service delivery management significantly contributes to short project times and the achievement of goals. We not only understand IT and projects (ITIL) but also take the business goals you want to achieve with your infrastructure into account.

With managed services and IT as a service (ITaaS), UMB's service delivery management is at your disposal. A dedicated service delivery manager will work with you to ensure that contractually agreed services are provided at all times. In a clearly regulated governance structure, he is your contact person at C level.


Support: Know-how on call as needed

Do you experience resource bottlenecks or don’t know how to solve a specific problem? Ensure the availability of your IT with UMB's operational support. We share our knowledge and expertise with you. The UMB experts will make sure that your IT is always up and running.

Basis for this is an individual support contract, which will give you access to the concentrated know-how of more than 700 experienced UMB System Engineers.


Our support offerings:

  • Service desk organization and support process according to ITIL in several languages
  • On-call service up to 24x7 hrs.
  • Support in case of malfunctions and problems
  • Help with second and third-level questions
  • Maintenance of and support for IT infrastructure solutions on site
  • Support in all IT functions and roles, substituting or as a mandate

Service desk

We are proud of our service desk. A highly motivated team provides thousands of support hours every month. There are no long waiting lines. We create time, even at our service desk.

Our service desk is available in two differently prioritized options that can be tailored to your specific needs:


  • Availability: Monday - Friday, 07.00 - 18.00 hrs.
  • Hours according to effort or with hour pool
  • On-call: Not possible
  • Response time: Best Effort


  • Availability: Monday - Friday, 07.00 - 18.00 hours
  • Hours at cost or with hourly pool
  • On-call: Optional
  • Response time: 2h


  • Availability: Monday - Friday, 07.00 - 18.00 hours
  • Hours at cost or with hourly pool
  • On-call: Optional
  • Response time: 1h

Your advantages with UMB IT as a Service

  • Reliable, all-round carefree operation
  • Monthly fixed costs
  • Specialists for every challenge thanks to over 700 experienced system engineers
  • First class support offered in customized options
  • On demand and on call
  • Flexibly scalable services
  • Monitoring & reporting
  • Experienced service delivery management

Your advantages with UMB operations

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