Current Situation

The new normal is never normal

In an era of unprecedented choice and increasing speed of innovation, digital transformation offers ever more business opportunities.

Whether it's grandma ordering gifts online or the mountain farmer ordering feed for his cows, 99% of Swiss people live digitally, but not yet that many Swiss companies.

UMB Consulting: Clever strategies for your digital future.

The challenges

Intention, budgets and the will to digitize are present …
… to digitization are present, but the daily nudge to innovation and a regular sense of achievement are missing.

Many companies are still clinging to existing recipes from the past thus preventing successful business processes. The new normal is never normal - taboos must be thrown overboard.

The solution

We will continuously scout emerging obstacles.

We will use collective intelligence to compile and evaluate possible solution proposals, including unconventional ones.

We will review and evaluate approaches to solutions.

We will celebrate solutions and progress on the Digital Journey on a monthly basis.

A proper analysis, clear strategy and transformation will create an iconic move and replace thousands of small daily tasks.

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From tool change _ to cultural change

The Business Advisor advantages!

Proper analysis
Clear strategy
Transformation guidance
Up to 20 ideas per month
Iconic move for your business
Practice-oriented consulting

Time and cost to remediate/combat the attacks.​

10,000 hours/year

1,000 hours/year

creating time when a reactive defense is not necessary.
Annual working time created: 7.3 colleagues

40,000 hours/year

​* Equivalent to approximately 7 full-time positions over an entire year.

Our clients

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