FC Basel 1893 and UMB: This is Why Team Spirit and Sportsmanship are Also Crucial in IT.

UMB enjoys a successful partnership with FC Basel. We create time through the smooth operation of IT. Because top sports performance and top performance in the business world are both built on the absolute will to perform as well as on successful teamwork. Find out why team spirit and sportsmanship are crucial in IT as well, and why cybersecurity is a top priority for the multiple Swiss champions.

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Outstanding individual performances are the basic prerequisite in any sport. However, real success as a team is only possible when the team’s members work together in perfect harmony. In 2021, UMB migrated FCB's entire IT to the cloud. This involved UMB teams from many different divisions: network, collaboration, security, workplace, platform, and many more. In each of these areas, our great place to work employs the best in their field. However, it was only thanks to the perfect interaction of all specialists that the overall project could be kept on time and within budget.


Central services migrated to UMB and Microsoft - in a multi-cloud setup

What are the key success factors for a smooth migration? For the FCB migration project, a lot of effort was invested in the concept phase. Among other things, this meant that it was possible to start very quickly with the connection of cloud tenants. The biggest challenge was the replacement of the old data center, with the time frame being sportingly tight. Here, too, the preparation and the good relationship with the previous data center operator paid off. The regular status meetings, where further procedures were discussed and quality and budget compliance were deliberated, also were decisive for the success of the project.


FCB relies on the UMB cyber defense center

Almost every day, companies in Switzerland are attacked by cybercriminals. As an internationally known football club, FC Basel must expect to be at the top of the list as a target for cyberattacks. That's why the club has also chosen UMB when it comes to cybersecurity. The UMB cyber defense center ensures first-class protection and seamless monitoring of the entire IT environment.


Fit for ambitious sports challenges thanks to modern work

Today, UMB supports twenty-time Swiss soccer champion FCB with IT as a service from the cloud. The new environment is significantly leaner, more reliable, and more powerful. Teamwork has been made more efficient thanks to the collaboration capabilities of Microsoft Office 365. Client management runs via Intune and is now completely delegated to UMB. Today, FC Basel's lean IT environment gets by with fewer servers and applications, brings much more comfort, and thus creates time for the next big sporting goals.


More time for FCB to concentrate fully on its ambitious sporting goals.  

UMB shows the same team spirit and sportsmanship as FCB and delivers top performance at all times.

Mirko Brudermann, Chief Financial Officer, FC Basel 1893 AG

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