Digital Journey – Travelling Together.

Switzerland is undergoing a digital transformation: While private users have long since entered the digital world, companies are still finding it hard to keep up. Digitization is not only a question of technology but also of organization and culture. UMB will accompany your company into the digital future!

Digitization is not exclusively concerned with IT, nor is it a question of tools. It affects the entire company and every employee is called upon. Innovation only grows by choice and out of free will. But how do you motivate people to participate? How can they remain positive and cooperative over a longer period of time without being discouraged by setbacks?


Together on the Digital Journey – Nudge by Nudge

For a company, digitization means embarking on a collective journey - the digital journey. UMB will plan this digital journey and take care of internal communication. We will provide realistic goals, regular project information and a sense of achievement. Nudge by nudge or step by step your digitization project will be guided to success. 


We Will Lead Your Company into the Digital Future

Digital transformation is not a matter of tools but rather of transforming organization and culture. UMB will structure your digital journey and take care of internal communication.  And thus will transform your company FOR the digital future.

5 Tips for a successful digitization project.

  1. Include all employees on your digital journey.
  2. Work in teams with clear-cut responsibilities and budgets.
  3. Divide the overall task into small manageable steps.
  4. Communicate regularly and professionally about the progress of your project.
  5. Celebrate stage successes with your team - even if they seem small.

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