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UMB Network Services to Connect You Within Your Company and with the World.

Your network connects your systems. Because nothing works without the secure and reliable transport of your data. Together with our leading-edge partners we can make sure your network is powerful and operates according to the highest security standards. We are not only network specialists but can also look after your entire infrastructure. Our holistic approach to IT will ensure that everything meshes smoothly.

Our experienced experts can support you throughout the entire network lifecycle; from planning, construction, and commissioning to optimization and operation.


Network Services

Network & security consulting

On a daily basis, organizations are being challenged by the pace of technological development and confronted with new requirements on a daily basis. Their network and security infrastructures must be able to cope with these challenges.

Our network services will help you meet these requirements by analyzing your current network and security setup and identifying the right technology and design for your business.

We offer

  • Technology consulting
  • Design consulting
  • Network audits
  • Security audits

Network & security engineering

It is challenging to make the necessary resources available at the right time, every time. Often this cannot be achieved because a lot of specialized knowledge is needed to operate a network infrastructure.

Our engineering support service allows you to always have the required resources and know-how at your disposal.

We can help you define network and security designs, test new setups, and plan technical-level changes.

We offer

  • Detailed network designs (low-level)
  • End to end testing (functional, regression, PoC)
  • Migration, lifecycle- & upgrade planning

Network & security integration and migration

The ability to respond quickly to technology changes in your business provides you with an important competitive advantage. However, in many cases your engineers and operations teams are already stretched thin by day-to-day network and security operations, which delays necessary innovations.

Our team of experienced and certified system engineers will provide you with valuable relief and contribute additional resources with the right skills to handle periods of high workload.

We can provide the system engineers you will need for your next system integration or migration. Whether during the night or the weekend, we will help you to meet your schedule.

We offer

  • Infrastructure as code (CI/CD)
  • DevOps concepts
  • DevOps integration
  • DevOps site reliability engineering

Network cloud connectivity & cloud security

Classic IT solutions based on a company's own server room or data center are often no longer able to meet today's requirements. The cloud offers many opportunities here - and brings new tasks, for example the efficient integration of different platforms with different interfaces.

Our consultants and engineers can help you to strike the right balance between agility, efficiency and security in your company and identify the right connectivity solution - for your public cloud, hybrid cloud or multi cloud strategy.

We can also help you identify and set up connectivity for your cloud strategy, as well as implement and secure the solution.

We offer

  • Cloud evaluation (connectivity) consulting
  • Cloud initial setup integration
  • Cloud automation engineering

Managed network and security services

Stay focused on your core business by outsourcing the management and operation of your network and security infrastructure. As a result, you will benefit from lower operating costs, clearly defined responsibilities through service level agreements, and a reduction in operating expenses.

With our operations team based in Zurich, we can take responsibility for your entire IT infrastructure or parts of it. We will manage, operate, and support according to your specifications and in compliance with industry standards. The result: Your workload will be reduced.

We will tailor our managed service solutions to your needs so you are free to focus on growing your business.

We offer

  • 8 × 5 support service
  • 24 × 7 support service
  • On call support service
  • Additional service options
  • Vendor partner support
  • Independence from manufacturers
  • 3rd level support

Network Technologies

Your network can create a competitive edge for you

Providing a fast and reliable network infrastructure has become one of the most important factors for an organization's success. Data flow is important to gain competitive advantage. Employees need to be connected from the office or home office to collaborate efficiently to develop new business ideas.

Network management has evolved over time: From operating and monitoring individual devices to managing many devices in a centralized instance through programmable interfaces. We can help you automate your network and deliver new services faster while reducing operational costs.

We offer

  • Enterprise LAN
  • Enterprise WLAN (Cloud Wi-Fi)
  • Enterprise network management & assurance
  • Cloud connect (hybrid, multi cloud)

Data center network infrastructure

The data center is where your most important data and information resides. Data often represents the true value of your business. A secure and reliable infrastructure that provides the throughput needed by the company's employees and other users is of utmost importance to the success of your business.

The technologies used for data center infrastructures are many and varied. However: Which one fits your business, can get the most out of your current infrastructure, and best meet your company's needs?
We aim to identify the best solution for your organization in cooperation with you.

We offer

  • Data center fabric
  • EVPN & DC interconnect
  • Intent-based Networking

Network infrastructure for service providers

Service providers face the challenge that the amount of data consumed by users streaming or working is constantly growing. The need to increase capacity is constant, as are the security threats, and these challenges must be managed without impacting the customer.

Ensuring the best customer experience while upgrading your infrastructure requires careful planning, lots of testing, and meticulous execution.

We are the experts in performing upgrades to your network infrastructure as well as managing day-to-day operations.

We offer

  • Service provider routing
  • SD-WAN

Network security

Securing the network, from every endpoint to the edge, covering every cloud in between, is complex and must be approached in a multi-layered manner. Securing the network infrastructure must also involve employees, as they are known to be ultimately responsible for most security breaches.

Prepared frameworks provide the guidance to address these challenges and highlight the critical and most important attack vectors.

Whether you need the right strategy, the best solution for your organization, or a managed service, we can assist you with your needs.

We offer

  • NGFW
  • VPN
  • NAC
  • SASE

IT infrastructure & monitoring

To ensure optimal use of your services, infrastructure management and monitoring are essential. Errors must be avoided, detected quickly, and corrected in the shortest possible time.

Proactive management of your infrastructure through performance monitoring, appropriate configuration management, and timely action on indications, reduces downtime.

With our experience in managing networks, we are the right partner to support your infrastructure.

We offer

  • ng.upp – infrastructure & service monitoring
  • Fault management
  • Configuration management
  • Performance management

Network automation

Automation is one of the key aspects when it comes to running an efficient network infrastructure. It reduces time to deployment, increases the number of devices a technician can manage, and improves the consistency of your configurations.

The tools available provide the ability to reduce the effort required to provision new devices on the network and automate device configuration.

UMB specializes in network infrastructure automation and can help you make your network operations more efficient.

We offer

  • Zero touch provisioning
  • Vendor independent network automation
  • automation & orchestration framework

Application delivery controller

The load balancer: The application delivery controller, or ADC for short, is an important security component in your network and ensures that loads are distributed smartly. Properly set and monitored, the ADC keeps your network in balance.


The network telephone book: Domain name system (DNS) is one of the most important services in IP-based networks. As the name suggests, DNS assigns domain names and is a kind of phone directory for your network.


Complex address book: IP address management (IPAM) manages the addresses of your network with special software tools. Modern standards such as IPv6 in particular make address management increasingly complex. A clear case for our specialists.

UMB network services: Your Advantages at a Glance

Everything from a single source, including the network. Ensuring the meshing of your infrastructure.

Decades of experience with a wide variety of networks and demands.

Leading edge with high partner status at Fortinet, Cisco, etc.

20 proven network specialists.

Our holistic approach to security keeps you safe all around.

UMB network services Advantages

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