UMB Customised Cloud

Tailor-Made: The UMB Cloud.

Cloud offerings from major providers are steadily increasing in numbers. However, there are always very good reasons to opt for the cloud from UMB. For example, outstanding flexibility, attractive prices, and the certainty that data stored in it is, above all, subject to Swiss law. The UMB Cloud bears the seal of approval "swiss hosting".

The UMB Cloud frees up time for you to concentrate fully on your core business. Forget about dealing with IT infrastructures and, at the same time, reduce your costs. The UMB Cloud also increases the security of your data: Outages can be minimized and mitigated by using various services.

Superior flexibility and attractive pricing models

The UMB Cloud is significantly more flexible than many public cloud solutions and can be adapted to your needs. The UMB Cloud makes it possible to host hardware appliances, develop customized services for you, or to offer innovative pricing models such as business-linked pricing - a feature we are particularly proud of. This means, for example, that like our customer Arosa, you only pay when business is good. In addition, contract periods can be precisely tailored to your needs.

Arosa revolutionizes mountain tourism!

UMB SAP Performance

Superior SAP performance thanks to IBM Power

UMB offers the SAP HANA databases from the IBM Power platform. As our customer, you benefit from the advantages of the IBM Power platform - such as high reliability and energy efficiency with superior performance at attractive prices. In addition, it is possible to benefit from the advantages of the IBM Power platform with Linux. Moreover, being the largest IBM business partner in Switzerland, we can offer much more from the IBM spectrum.

Time to further develop your SAP.

We only pay when the tourism business is humming.

Roland Schuler, Director Arosa Tourismus

Why choose the UMB Cloud?

  • Data storage in Switzerland with the seal of approval "swiss hosting".

  • One-stop shop: We know everything there is to know about the cloud

  • Multicloud: We offer all cloud combinations, even a hybrid cloud

  • Flexible terms and innovative pricing models

  • Superior performance: SAP HANA on IBM Power

  • Excellent for high-performance environments

  • Integration of customer-specific hardware components in the cloud

  • Full-stack expertise, everything from a single source

  • Built-in 7x24h security from our cyber defense center

The UMB Cloud services offering

The cloud market is growing, and at UMB we are instrumental in this success story. We are masters of the various cloud service segments and can provide them for you.

UMB Infrastructure as a Service
Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

With IaaS, you pay for the provision of computers, storage space, and networks you currently require. The infrastructure is managed by you or by us. You can obtain more services at short notice; capital costs will not be incurred.

UMB Managed Service
Managed services

Managed Services includes more than just infrastructure. We offer a continuously growing range of services here, such as Windows servers, Windows clients, Linux servers, databases, firewall and much more. PaaS can eliminate the overhead associated with purchasing and managing software licenses. Managed Services customers administer those applications they develop themselves - all other applications are purchased as a service and managed and operated by us.

UMB Backup as a Service
Backup as a service

UMB ensures backup of all services sourced from the UMB Cloud. In doing so, we take your governance into account and can also include Microsoft 365.

UMB Connectivity & perimerter security
Connectivity & perimeter security

Appropriate connectivity is the backbone of a reliable and high-performance service, especially for cloud-based services. This also applies to the UMB Cloud. Perimeter security by means of intelligent firewalls is standard for us.

UMB Security

Security is part of the DNA of all UMB services. Take advantage of our security one-stop shop. We maintain our own cyber defense center and ensure that security also reaches your business applications, your campus, and your operational technology.

UMB Cybersecurity Services: Modular Protection for a Digital World.

UMB Managed Database
Managed database

Managing a database can become a challenge. UMB can take on this difficult task for you with Managed Databases. We support you in choosing the most suitable database for your solution and assist you with its migration.

UMB Container

Increase stability, scale performance as needed, and reduce costs at the same time? You can achieve this and much more through the targeted use of container technologies. Our experts can support you with Kubernetes solutions based on Red Hat Open Shift or SUSE Ranger/RKE2.

SAP as a service

UMB operates your SAP system landscape in the data centers of the geo-redundant and highly available UMB Cloud and guarantees best performance values and availability. Customer data is held exclusively in Switzerland, and the service desk is operated in the Swiss national languages - Swissness as customer service. Furthermore, we operate the SAP HANA database on an extremely stable and high-performance IBM platform.

UMB SAP as a Service: Going Forward Safely and Confidently.

UMB Support
Support 7x24

Our service desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any problems related to the UMB Cloud.

UMB IT as a Service
IT as a service

As an IT as a service provider, we offer you fully managed IT services. From the UMB Cloud to client devices - everything comes from a single source.

UMB IT as a Service: Let Our Experts Do the Job!

We are your cloud specialists. Powerful, independent, leading edge.

The cloud helps you optimizing IT costs in your company, supporting your workforce in the home office, and ensuring the resilience of your IT infrastructure. We are your cloud specialist, we have the right partners, the necessary know-how and the appropriate infrastructures to provide you with exactly the right services.

Contact us if you want to know more about our cloud services. Is a public cloud a better fit for your needs? We offer leading public cloud solutions from AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.


Unleash the Power of the Public Cloud With UMB.

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