Spaeter AG: High Data Center Performance Brings More Power and creates time for the Construction Industry.

Construction is a very demanding industry in terms of logistics and IT technology. Spaeter AG's existing IT infrastructure had reached the end of its life and no longer met the requirements for a high-performance, scalable IT platform. Now, two Huawei OceanStor Dorado 5000 HyperMetro  are providing real performance in the data center. The new systems, implemented by UMB experts together with Spaeter AG specialists, enable synchronous data mirroring and make its IT more stable and scalable. This leaves Spaeter AG more time for its core business.

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Spaeter Group is a leading group of companies operating throughout Switzerland with products and services for the main construction and ancillary construction trades as well as the steel and metal processing industry. The company relies on high-performance IT systems to supply customers quickly and reliably with steel, metals, building materials and products for building services. IT infrastructure is crucial in the construction industry, too, when it comes to responding efficiently and effectively to customer requests and changes.


Huawei OceanStor Dorado 5000 V6 delivers intelligent data management and more power

Data integrity and availability play a central role in a secure IT infrastructure. This is why Spaeter AG opted for the Huawei OceanStor D5000 V6. This reliable flash storage system offers high performance and many new performance-relevant functions thanks to intelligent algorithms. These algorithms detect errors in the storage system and can correct them at lightning speed. OceanStor is even able to optimize storage usage by removing redundancies and better positioning data.  


Spaeter relies on OceanProtect for secure backups

Reliability is also a top priority for Spaeter AG. The company uses two Huawei OceanProtect X6000s as backup storage. OceanProtect utilizes E2E acceleration and an active-active architecture to back up and restore data quickly and reliably - at a low total cost of ownership. In addition, OceanProtect supports high performance SSDs. Full end-to-end acceleration enables a backup bandwidth of up to 19 TB/hour and a recovery bandwidth of 21 TB/hour.


It all comes down to a clever setup

As part of a LifeCycle project, the experts at UMB worked with the specialists at Spaeter AG to implement a series of measures to improve and modernize their IT infrastructure. With UMB's setup, the Spaeter Group's IT environment is now more secure and efficient, also thanks to the outsourcing of the internal data center to two state-of-the-art co-location data centers. This gives the company the capacity and security it needs to respond quickly to new business requirements. 


Spaeter AG has more time for the needs of its customers.



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The cooperation between the UMB experts and our internal specialists has been excellent. Compared to before, the new infrastructure offers us massively higher performance and a very high level of protection against outages.

Manuel Fondo, CIO, Spaeter AG

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