Broadcom and VMware: What's next for you?

Last year, Broadcom took over VMware. Since then, no stone has been left unturned at VMware. No wonder many customers are unsettled. As a Broadcom reseller partner and one of the very few service provider partners, we can provide you with optimal and strategic advice for the future.

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Marc Zimmermann
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We focus on innovation, bold business ideas and also support our customers during changes or market shifts - such as the takeover of VMware by Broadcom.


UMB is a Cloud Provider Partner and Pinnacle Cloud Partner

UMB is proud to remain an exclusive reseller and cloud provider partner of VMware by Broadcom.

As a Select Reseller Partner, we will continue to offer our customers licences and the first-class support they are accustomed to. As one of the few Pinnacle Cloud Partners, we will also be offering smaller cloud providers the opportunity to purchase licences in the white label model via UMB.  

Our dedicated team is always available to answer your questions, find solutions and support you along the way. 


The UMB cloud creates time

Of course, you can also obtain your workload directly and easily from the UMB cloud - without your own hardware and without having to worry about VMware and other licences.