Liberty Pension Ltd: With the UMB Business Consultants to a Clever New IT Strategy.

Liberty Pension Ltd is a well-established Swiss specialist in occupational and private pension provision. The company gained recognition in 2005 with the launch of the first independent pension platform in Switzerland, marking a significant milestone in the Swiss pension landscape. Consequently, expectations for a new IT strategy in 2023 were high, and the company selected UMB as its strategic partner. Leveraging the expertise of our consultants, we were able to accurately map Liberty's core business requirements and integrate them into the IT realignment.

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Liberty Pension Ltd, headquartered in Schwyz, combines 2nd and 3rd pillar offerings from product providers, banks, asset managers and reinsurers on a single platform. Liberty's customers can thus obtain all the services they need from a single source. 


Strong growth requires adaptation of processes and a new IT strategy 

Liberty Pension Ltd has experienced significant growth in recent years and has expanded its offerings and partnerships. To ensure the sustainability of this growth benefits for Liberty in the long term, it was necessary to adapt business processes and realign IT and its resources.

Management has chosen to seek external support from the UMB consulting team to bring in an objective outside perspective and to accelerate the project. Leveraging the expertise of our business consultants - all of whom are CIOs with extensive experience - we conducted an analysis of the current situation with regard to business requirements and the initial state of IT.


Consistent alignment with Liberty's business strategy and objectives

We have strictly aligned Liberty's IT with the company's business strategy and objectives. UMB's business-IT alignment focuses on value creation for the customer. We documented the new IT strategy and its governance recommendations and created a recommended course of action and a roadmap for implementation. This gives IT a much more important role and a new mandate so that Liberty can secure its market leadership in the long term.


Building on the experience and knowledge of highly qualified specialists.

For Liberty Pension Ltd, the collaboration with UMB was the right decision, says Oliver Bienek, CEO of Liberty Pension Ltd. «Strong growth, new offers and partners have made it necessary to adapt our processes and a new IT strategy. UMB's experienced consultants consistently contributed their perspective, drove the project forward and helped us to develop an effective IT strategy.»

UMB's experienced consultants consistently contributed their perspective, drove the project forward and helped us to develop an effective IT strategy.

Oliver Bienek, CEO Liberty Pension Ltd, Schwyz

No taboos for an iconic digital move.

In an era of unprecedented choice and increasing speed of innovation, digital transformation offers more and more business opportunities. Take advantage of this development and seamlessly align customer needs, your business processes and your technology with your business goals based on a smart IT strategy.

Our business consultants are all CIOs with many years of experience. They have no taboos about addressing uncomfortable truths in order to help you achieve an iconic digital move. 

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