UMB SAP as a Service: Going Forward Safely and Confidently.

Well-known customers such as Spar, Confiserie Sprüngli, Vitra, and Condair rely on UMB's SAP technology know-how. Your SAP system landscape is in the best hands with UMB.

Our experienced SAP consultants will manage your SAP systems in your own data center infrastructures with SAP Managed Services or operate them as SAP-as-a-service solutions in the data centers of the UMB private cloud.  Concentrate on your core business and count on a high-performance and reliable SAP environment - always at the cutting edge of technology.


Database administration

Long response times frustrate users and weaken the acceptance of IT solutions. Database administration must therefore be designed for fast response times and compliance with long-term performance values. UMB has extensive experience with popular databases such as SAP HANA, MaxDB, MS SQL, Sybase, Oracle and DB/2.


Near-zero downtime concept

The availability requirements for SAP system landscapes are constantly increasing. Particularly very productive systems should be available almost 100 percent of the time. While this is technically feasible, the planning of periodic maintenance windows is becoming increasingly difficult.

That is why UMB has developed the near-zero downtime concept. System patches can be updated without interruption. The HANA databases will switch back and forth between the SAP instances as needed. Thanks to this setup, availability will be increased and mandatory downtimes will be reduced to an absolute minimum.

For many years we have been reliably supported by the UMB SAP team.

Edy Neininger, CIO, Confiserie Sprüngli

SAP as a Service

With SAP as a service you get more time for your business. UMB operates your SAP system landscape in the data centers of the geo-redundant and highly available UMB private cloud and guarantees the best performance values and availability. Customer data is held exclusively in Switzerland, and the service desk is run in the Swiss national languages - Swissness as customer service.

SAP Basis Operation

Invest time in your core business as opposed to the operation and maintenance of SAP system landscapes! UMB SAP consultants are experts in all topics related to SAP technologies. They ensure the stable operation of SAP systems and have successfully implemented several hundred change management projects.

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SAP Security as a Service

SAP deserves special protection and must be directly integrated into your cyber security disposition. SAP security as a service from UMB monitors your SAP systems 24/7. In addition, we continuously analyze and provide concrete recommendations on how to deal with detected threats.

Factsheet SAP Security as a Service

Basis Manager SAP Private Cloud

Reliable and secure basic administration is essential in the SAP Private Cloud (RISE). Do you have the experience and resources for this? The UMB SAP Wizards take care of all the basic tasks to ensure that your SAP S/4 HANA in the cloud runs smoothly, securely and economically.

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SAP operating concepts

What is the most economical operating concept for your company's SAP system landscape? We have a great deal of experience in planning and implementing SAP operating concepts and offer individual consulting as well as solutions such as private cloud services, managed services, housing, or mixed forms of these operating modes.

SAP solutions

We provide technical support for all SAP solutions (S/4HANA, BSoH, R/3, ECC) and offer complete SAP migration concepts to change platforms. If you are still using the proven SAP ERP software generation, we will provide the appropriate tools to help you make the right decision for choosing brownfield or greenfield migration to SAP S/4HANA. We will support you through every phase of the project.

SAP training

It takes adequate knowledge to operate, maintain, and migrate SAP system landscapes smoothly. UMB will ensure the transfer of know-how to your SAP Basis administrators for daily maintenance and service work as well as change management projects with customized workshops.

SAP performance analysis & tuning

One of the biggest challenges in operating SAP system landscapes is to achieve good performance values. UMB SAP performance analysis & tuning includes the analysis of these challenges in application and database servers, databases, LAN and WAN networks, as well as system configurations. We will then suggest improvements to optimize the results. In doing so, the SAP consultants will draw on years of experience and the SAP best practice approach.

SAP Solution Manager

Do you want to save yourself the time and effort required for the complex installation and configuration of the SAP Solution Manager (SolMan)? UMB will install the desired services for you and hand over the SolMan ready for operation. Alternatively, UMB offers the Solution Manager as a shared service. In the future, you do not need to worry about patches, updates, etc. anymore.

Does your SAP have enough grip for the digital age?

The future is called SAP S/4HANA. But the transformation to SAP S/4HANA with old systems requires a platform change to modern in-memory technology. Without the migration to SAP S/4HANA user software there can only be a limited gain in productivity. Why not use the system change to rethink your entire SAP basis and drive digitization forward?

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SAP system design

UMB designs and operates SAP system landscapes securely and efficiently with high availability. The SAP specialists guarantee platform-neutral consulting when choosing the overall system design. In doing so, we adhere to the SAP best practice approach and the many years of experience of SAP consultants in supporting these systems.

In the context of a migration or change management project, we advise customers on innovative approaches, such as the near-zero downtime concept for minimum downtime during maintenance windows. And it goes without saying that we ensure compliance with security and performance guidelines during system platform layout.

SAP system migration

When are SAP system landscapes to be migrated and how will the project be implemented? UMB provides platform-independent support and will assume responsibility for the planning and implementation of complete SAP system migrations. This includes operating systems, databases and backup concepts - while complying with security and performance guidelines in the layout of hardware components.

Ready for SAP S/4HANA? We will take the pulse of your SAP environment!

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SAP system updates

To ensure SAP performance values and lifecycle, UMB performs periodic system updates as part of the service contract. UMB will analyze the systems through weekly evaluations and create a detailed project plan for the update of operating systems, databases, SAP kernel, or SAP support packages based on the SAP best practice approach in coordination with you, the customer.

Backup concepts and archiving

Databases and document repositories are becoming more and more extensive. Fast data recovery is a key requirement of ERP applications and calls for concepts well aligned with customer needs. In addition, new requirements, such as the audit-proof archiving of data, are facing companies.

UMB's backup concept ensures the right design for archiving and restoring data. UMB guarantees a comprehensive backup and recovery concept that meets legal requirements (compliance).


The integration of SAP and non-SAP applications is a major challenge. Thanks to service oriented architecture (SOA), UMB efficiently integrates databases and business processes with different technologies and from distributed locations with SAP NetWeaver.

SAP system monitoring

Professional monitoring of the SAP systems and WAN connections with optimal threshold values for triggering messages are extremely important for the compliance with SLA performance values. This is the only way to ensure that, in the event of incidents and malfunctions, messages can be promptly transmitted to the SAP operating team and processed. Depending on the customer's requirements, different solutions are available for system monitoring. UMB will develop a concept for you to measure the quality and availability of your SAP system landscape.

UMB SAP as a service: Your advantages at a glance

  • We draw experience from over 400 successfully implemented SAP projects
  • We have a competent team with 15 experienced SAP consultants
  • We boast Switzerland's strongest and most reliable SAP HANA cloud on IBM Power infrastructure
  • Granular customizability: Exactly as much SAP as you need
  • SAP modernization in the wake of SAP S/4HANA: We have the know-how. And with the highest partner status with Red Hat and IBM, the connections too
  • We have strong solution partners from the SAP environment.

UMB SAP advantages

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