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Unleash the Power of the Public Cloud With UMB.

These days, there is virtually no company that can do without the public cloud. According to Gartner, around 500 billion dollars were spent on the public cloud in 2022 alone. UMB offers a wide range of services for the leading public cloud solutions from AWS, Google, and Microsoft. Our cloud experts can help you choose the right cloud, implement it smartly, and operate it reliably.

The public cloud has undergone an almost unimaginable development in recent years. On the one hand, the volume of data in the cloud has multiplied, on the other hand, useful services for just about every conceivable need can be found in the cloud. This makes it increasingly difficult to choose the right cloud provider.

UMB is an independent company and offers you - in addition to its own UMB Cloud - leading public cloud solutions from Microsoft, Google, and AWS. We are completely vendor-neutral and advise you solely according to your needs.

We will support you throughout the entire cloud lifecycle - from the selection and implementation to the operation of the appropriate solution. Regardless of whether this involves IaaS, PaaS, or cloud native functions.

Azure, AWS & Co: Why More and More Are Getting on Board.

Why public cloud with UMB?

  • One-stop shop: With us you get the entire know-how around the public cloud.
  • Vendor-independent: We offer you the choice and will find the right solution for you.
  • We follow the Gartner cloud lifecycle and will support you throughout the entire process.
  • We follow the DevOps approach: plan - build - run. And everything will run ...
  • We offer a multi-cloud approach - multiple public clouds or in combination with the UMB Cloud.

Public cloud offers from UMB

Determining the cloud that fits your needs can only be done after a thorough analysis by our cloud experts. Even though the differences are not huge, there are some distinguishing features:

UMB Partner AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services, or AWS for short, is the largest public cloud provider in the world. AWS shines with over 300 cloud services in 27 regions worldwide - since fall 2022 also in Switzerland. As the largest public cloud provider, AWS has perhaps the best access to the latest processor, network, and storage technologies. With AWS Lambda, Amazon probably also has the simplest serverless computing solution. Amazon is also a leading provider in the area of artificial intelligence (AI).

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AMB Partner Azure

Microsoft Azure Cloud

The Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform includes more than 200 cloud services in over 50 regions worldwide, including Switzerland. Customers can develop, run, and manage applications - in multiple clouds, locally or at the edge. Microsoft invests over one billion US dollars annually in the security of its solutions and has built one of the world's largest cyber defense centers over the last few years. Azure has a very strong presence in hybrid clouds and is also bringing innovations to their own data centers. The Azure platform is suitable for customers who pursue an IT strategy based on the Microsoft ecosystem or at least maintain a strong focus on it.

[Translate to Englisch:] UMB Zertifizierung für Infrastructure Azure von Microsoft

We have been awarded the Infra & Database Migration specialisation by Microsoft. This attests to our extensive experience and countless customer references in the area of Azure migrations. Start your transformation to the Azure cloud with our experts.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google has been late in targeting B2B customers and the enterprise cloud offering. The GCP portfolio is considered particularly strong in services for managed container infrastructure, data analytics or even artificial intelligence (AI). GCP also decouples pricing for CPU and memory usage on instances, which can be very attractive in terms of price, depending on requirements.

UMB Multi Cloud

Flexibility and greatest productivity with multi-cloud and hybrid cloud

Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud

When it comes to public and private clouds and on-premises infrastructures working together, we have the right experts. UMB system engineers can professionally plan, implement, and operate hybrid/multi-cloud scenarios.

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The UMB public cloud portfolio


Readiness check

Are you ready for your cloud journey? With the UMB readiness check, we will show you where you stand and identify the gaps that still need to be closed on your journey to the cloud.

Cloud strategy

A solid cloud strategy forms the basis of your cloud journey. Cloud principles and instructions as well as legal, regulatory, and technical framework conditions will be recorded and thus help to quickly advance cloud use within the defined ground rules.

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We will support you in creating the right IT governance for your company. Only when management and IT processes are optimally aligned can the afterburner for your business be ignited.


Adhere to industry and regulatory requirements and prevent compliance breaches with UMB.

Application assessment

UMB specialists will help your applications get up to speed. Our assessment will show you how your solutions can be operated most efficiently.


Are you focused on new innovative applications and/or do you want to migrate your existing applications to the cloud? We can help you create a smart adoption plan.


Keep your cloud architecture flexible and up-to-date. Only the appropriate architecture enables efficient and cost-effective operation.


Development and operation of a cloud solution require the appropriate organization. We show you how to adapt an existing organization accordingly.


Operation and further development require new skills in any IT organization. We help you define new roles and make your specialists fit for the age of the cloud.

Operation Model

Once the right cloud architecture has been designed, the operation model must be adapted. The cloud specialists from UMB can assist you with this as well.



A well-designed and scalable cloud platform provides the foundation for your cloud transformation. We will help you define and develop platform governance.


Appropriate connectivity is the backbone of reliable and high-performance services, especially for cloud-based solutions.


We will help you with the architecture and migration of your server environment to the public cloud. In doing so, we will focus on automated operation as well as cost optimization through the selection of the most suitable plans.


Take advantage of our security one-stop shop. We maintain our own cyber defense center.

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Whether DB-PaaS, Managed Instance, or traditional VM-based databases: We support you in choosing the most suitable DB service for your solution and help you with the migration to the cloud.


Increase stability, scale performance as needed, and reduce cloud costs at the same time: You can achieve this and much more through the targeted use of container technologies. Our experts will support you with cloud-native Kubernetes solutions based on Red Hat Open Shift or Ranger.

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SAP as a service

Your own customized SAP solution supplemented with the possibilities of the public cloud: Combine the best of both worlds into a consistent and future-oriented solution. With UMB SAP as a service you are safe and relaxed on your way.

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Data & AI

We will help you to derive the maximum value from your data using customized data pipelines, artificial intelligence products, data analytics, and machine learning.

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Using infrastructure as code (IaC), we automate cloud deployment and thus promptly ensure consistent quality in the provisioning of cloud resources.

Application optimization

Are your applications optimized for the cloud? We will help you adapt your applications to cloud operation and achieve high performance at low cost.


Managed cloud

Do you want IT to focus on your business applications? We would be happy to operate the cloud platform for you. Our cloud operation and service delivery management guarantee that your services are always available and updated and remain within the defined costs - reliably and 24/7.

Support 7x24

Our 7x24 service desk is available to help you with problems related to the public cloud.

UMB Servicedesk

IT as a service

You prefer to have only one counterpart for all IT topics? UMB offers the right solution with IT as a service.

IT as a service Client Case Vebego

Cyber defense center

Seamlessly integrable 7x24 cyber security services to strengthen your cyber maturity as needed.

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We will ensure that you always use the best services in the right form and in a best-practice configuration. Thus, we ensure an economical cloud with low costs.

Tailor-Made: The UMB Cloud.

There are still excellent reasons to choose the cloud from UMB. These include superior flexibility, attractive pricing models and also the certainty that the data stored on it is, above all, subject to Swiss law. The UMB Cloud gives you time to concentrate fully on your core business.

Tailor-Made: The UMB Cloud.

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