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UMB Cybersecurity Services: Modular Protection for a Digital World.

Threat situations are constantly changing. And digitization is creating new threats. The better you understand your specific, relevant threat situation, the more accurately you can protect yourself. UMB cybersecurity means superior protection in a complex digital world.

Ten Cybersecurity Misconceptions That Could Become Very Expensive

The dynamics of cyberattacks are almost impossible to keep track of. Thanks to modular cybersecurity services, UMB creates permanent protection in an increasingly digital and complex world. Thus we create not only security but also time - for example for your core business.


Cyberattacks are growing exponentially

The number of companies hit by cyberattacks is growing exponentially. We guide our customers holistically into the digital world. Our approach to cyber security is to consider it as an integral discipline throughout the entire IT landscape and to understand the challenges of a rapidly changing world. At UMB, cybersecurity is not viewed in isolation, but as part of IT, workplace, and digitization concepts.


A one-stop shop for cybersecurity services

Only balanced organizational and technical measures will protect your company effectively and comprehensively. To achieve this, new security dimensions must be introduced to complement classic prevention (network and perimeter protection).

On the one hand, this includes the ability to detect an attacker at an early stage. On the other hand, it must be possible to initiate the right countermeasures quickly. In this context, we recommend:

UMB Cybersecurity: Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Security one-stop shop: Demand-driven and modular service
  • Cyber defense center: Combines the knowledge and experience of more than 500 infrastructure & security specialists. This is unparalleled
  • Digital experience: UMB practices a digital culture and shares its experience freely with you
  • Active all-round protection through 7x24x365 monitoring - without using your own resources
  • Fully managed service at fixed monthly costs.

UMB Cybersecurity Advantages

Security Advisory Services

Security maturity assessment

Know your cyber security maturity and create certainty. We follow the NIST framework and propose concrete measures - sorted by priority

Employee awareness and phishing campaigns

Your employees are still one of your biggest security risks - especially in their home offices. Protect your employees against cyber threats in general and phishing emails in particular.

Offensive security-penetration test

How strong is your cyber defense? Our specialists can test this in detail - according to a script agreed with you.

Offensive security - Digital risk monitoring

You will learn about your company's footprint in the digital world and what the cyber world knows about you. You will be amazed.

Offensive security – Red- and/or blue teaming

The red team represents the attack team. The blue team is the defense team. With these two teams, your cyber security disposition can be thoroughly checked and improved.

Offensive security – supply chain security

In a connected and digital world, your supply chain can pose a risk to your business. You will learn about the digital footprint of your supply chain.

CISO Advisory

Nowadays, security officers have to meet very high demands. We can support your CISO with our security know-how. If required, we can also assume the role of your CISO on the basis of a mandate.

Business continuity management

Get to know your corporate risks and learn how to assess them correctly. Our specialists work with concrete scenarios and take organizational, regulatory, and technical aspects into account.

Disaster recovery - emergency manual

Every unproductive minute can cost your company a lot of money. In order not to lose time in an emergency and to quickly return to normal operation, a customer-specific and resilient emergency manual is indispensable. We will create the manual together with you.

UMB Security Advisory Services

Network Protection & Zero Trust

Identity security & IAM

Two factor authentication, multi factor authentication, conditional access, identity protection and privileged access management:

We will support you in these and many other areas of identity and access management.

Web application security

In a digital world, availability and security of web applications are key. We offer services for web application firewalls, application reverse proxies, and application delivery controllers (ADCs).

Storage and data encryption

Data encryption, HD encryption, HSM, as well as encryption as a service are central aspects of a secure, digital world.

Network segmentation

UMB will support you with the segmentation of your network. This includes zero-trust infrastructures, micro-segmentation, or even zone segmentation.

Perimeter security

Nowadays, it is difficult to define the perimeter. At the same time, its protection is crucial. Our services include unified threat management, firewall, proxy, and IDS/IPS.

Web security

We provide first-class web security - with endpoint protection, cloud proxy, CASB and SASE.

Mail security

We will make your mailbox truly secure.

Backup as a service

The 3-2-1-0 rule of data protection is at the core of our backup as a service. Three copies of your data, two different media to store the copies, keeping one backup copy in an off-site location to ensure zero data gaps.

Ten Backup Misconceptions You Can't Afford to Ignore.

UMB Security Network

Cyber Defense Services

EDR as a service

EDR as a service monitors all endpoint activity in real time - within and outside your network, around the clock. This protects all access points at an early stage from cyberattacks.

Factsheet EDR as a Service

NDR as a service

NDR as a service monitors network traffic, creating additional visibility across the entire network and across virtually all protocols. This visibility helps to detect possible attacks or changing traffic patterns at an early stage.

Factsheet NDR as a Service

Vulnerability management as a service

Depending on the contract, UMB will initiate different types of internal and external vulnerability scans - in a predefined rhythm. UMB then correlates the results, evaluates them and informs you immediately in the event of critical vulnerabilities.

Factsheet Vulnerability Management as a Service

SIEM as a service

SIEM as a service collects and aggregates security events at the customer site. The security information & event management (SIEM) system is able to detect threats in near real time based on the use cases implemented and forwards detected or suspected anomalies (incidents) to the UMB Cyber Defense Center, which then monitors them around the clock.

Factsheet SIEM as a Service

Digital risk monitoring service

UMB will monitor the digital footprint of your organization and your partner companies. This holistic analysis covers the aspects of technology, people, and organization. Digital risk monitoring will reveal your risks in the digital world.

Read detailed information

Incident response retainer

In an emergency, every second counts. The incident response retainer gives you the reassuring feeling that a UMB expert is always on hand to support you quickly, either remotely or on-site.

Pentest as a Service

We will put your defenses under constant stress. Are you aware of every service running on your network? Do you have control over every application, such as ERP and web services? Can you say with certainty that they are not vulnerable? Let us expose your weaknesses and don‘t wait for an attacker to do it.

Factsheet Pentest as a Service

Identity Security as a Service

Did you know that identities can be easily forged using today‘s technical resources? Classic identity access management (IAM) forms the basis and the organizational framework for identity protection. With identity security as a service, we go one step further and protect your identities always and everywhere.

Factsheet Identity Security as a Service

Start now into a new dimension of security.

Many well-known Swiss companies and organizations - for example Meier Tobler - trust UMB's cyber defense services today. You too can benefit from a new dimension of security and start now with our online security maturity checkup.

Identify your optimization opportunities through this gap analysis specially developed for SMEs. You will receive the result in just a few minutes. A UMB security specialist will be available to you free of charge for a detailed discussion. This will provide you with an initial tool for simple risk management.

I would not wish an incident of this magnitude on anyone. Meier Tobler has responded to this and is implementing a new, strong IT system with UMB!

Martin Schäppi, Head of Corporate Communications, Meier Tobler AG

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