Performance up, Costs Down: UMB Migrates SAP for Condair.

Many companies face similar situations today: Outdated SAP systems and expiring contracts force a reorientation. The Condair Group, active in industrial air humidification, has opted for a sustainable SAP transformation and migrated with UMB to both the Azure Cloud and SAP HANA and the latest operating systems. As a result, Condair now benefits from an SAP solution that is more powerful and secure at lower costs.

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It all comes down to the right specialists and experience

Migration to Azure, migration to HANA, upgrade of the operating system from Red Hat 6.10 to version 8.2: Only someone who is top in all IT disciplines can manage this in a streamlined and largely uninterrupted manner. On the UMB team there are experienced specialists for every phase of the migration project. Oliver Zimmermann, CEO Condair Group: «We only had interruptions on three scheduled migration weekends. During working hours, the systems were always available.»


New home for Condair SAP thanks to Azure migration with lift-and-shift

The project was launched by migrating to the Azure cloud after a thorough analysis of the environment. With lift-and-shift Microsoft provides a tool that, in the right hands, enables a simple and largely uninterrupted migration of applications and data to the cloud. By migrating to Azure, security standards in general but also resilience have been increased. Conclusion: Condair's SAP works securely on an extremely stable platform.


Today, our SAP systems are in UMB's basic operation and significantly more powerful and secure - at lower costs.

Oliver Zimmermann, CEO, Condair Group

Azure is not just Azure: It all depends on the right components

The Azure cloud offers a diverse range of services. It is therefore enormously important to contractually coordinate the components on offer with the requirements. For Condair this was an efficient and cost-effective solution.
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Acceleration through operating system upgrade and migration to SAP HANA

The second step was the migration to SAP HANA. HANA only delivers full performance if both the hardware and the operating system are appropriate. The UMB specialists therefore migrated from Red Hat 6.10 to version 8.2. In the course of the technology change to the HANA database the upgrade from EhP5 to EhP8 was also undertaken. Incidentally, the migration was carried out with the help of SAP's software update manager (SUM).

In combination, these measures have resulted in a clearly noticeable increase in performance, lower costs, and higher reliability for the end user.

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