Data Governance Tools: Because Your Sensitive Data Deserve Protection.

Companies are constantly on the lookout for effective solutions to manage and protect sensitive data, prevent data loss and minimize insider risks. Data governance tools are software solutions that can provide efficient support for this. They ensure data integrity, facilitate compliance with regulations and increase data security.

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There are various providers that offer data governance tools - each of these tools has its strengths and is suitable for different use cases.


SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft …

Well-known names in this market are SAP, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. It is interesting to note that the data governance tools of these providers are comparable in their effect.
SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) is a comprehensive solution that promises to ensure data integrity in both SAP and non-SAP systems[i]. SAP MDG leverages the SAP Business Technology Platform to consolidate and centrally manage master data through master data management.
Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM) is an enterprise-wide solution designed to build and maintain consistency within master data assets, despite the endless changes required to support the underlying transactional and analytical systems[ii]. An important feature of Oracle DRM is the assurance of data consistency, data integrity and data quality.
IBM Data Governance is a comprehensive platform that connects different systems, controls the lifecycle of data from creation to destruction and manages data until it is decommissioned[iii]. The tool enforces security policies and identifies risks by building a consistent data management strategy without boundaries between people, processes and technologies.
Microsoft Purview provides unified data governance services that can help you gain a comprehensive understanding of your data. The tool is designed to give users the ability to manage and control their data on-premises, in multiple clouds and as software-as-a-service (SaaS). It is part of a comprehensive Microsoft suite for data governance, protection and management.


… and other data governance platforms

There are of course other, similar data governance platforms[iv]. For example:
Collibra is a cross-organizational platform that breaks down traditional data silos and unlocks data so that all users have access to it.
Informatica Data Quality: Informatica is the world's leading independent provider of data integration software.
Alation is a data catalog that enables analysts to search, query and collaborate on data.
Atlan is a data workspace tool that enables the democratization of data in companies while maintaining the highest standards of governance and security.

These tools are often compared to Microsoft Purview and offer similar functionalities such as data governance, data cataloging, metadata management, data lineage and policy management[v].


The fusion of data protection and compliance

Microsoft Purview is particularly interesting because it has merged the former Azure Purview and Microsoft 365 compliance solutions and services into a unified platform that helps organizations gain insight into their data, protect sensitive data throughout its lifecycle, seamlessly manage data, and manage critical data risks and regulatory requirements[vi]. Microsoft also offers parts of this solution free of charge. By identifying and classifying data, companies can ensure that sensitive information, such as personal data or business secrets, is adequately protected. Purview enables companies to scan data sources and automatically recognize sensitive data. This facilitates the implementation of security policies and compliance with data protection regulations, such as the GDPR. By continuously monitoring data movements, companies can ensure that their sensitive data is protected at all times.


Evaluate your data governance situation

Microsoft Purview offers advanced data loss prevention features (DLP) that make it possible to detect and stop data leaks at an early stage. By integrating DLP strategies, companies can prevent unauthorized access and disclosure of sensitive data. With Purview, companies can monitor their data in real time and are immediately notified of any suspicious activity. This enables a rapid response to potential data loss and minimizes the risk of data breaches.

Microsoft Purview also offers solutions for identifying and managing insider risks in various environments, including clouds, hybrid clouds and SaaS solutions. The platform makes it possible to analyze and monitor the behavior of users and their access to data. Anomaly detection and behavioral analysis help to identify insider risks at an early stage and take appropriate countermeasures. This is particularly important in hybrid and cloud environments where traditional security perimeters do not exist.


Cybersecurity: An integral discipline in the IT landscape

We can provide you with the best advice regarding Microsoft Purview - UMB is a Microsoft Solutions Partner. However, we are also able to evaluate your entire data governance situation. For us, cybersecurity is an integral discipline in the IT landscape, and we understand the challenges of a rapidly changing world. At UMB, data protection, data security and compliance are not viewed in isolation, but as part of all IT, workplace and digitalization concepts. Contact us for more information.


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