More Time for Hyrock: UMB Optimizes Cloud Architecture for Customer Application in the Azure Cloud.

Swiss company Hyrock specializes in mortgages & financing, real estate and investments. Hyrock has developed a unique tool that enables advisors to process a business case over the entire case cycle and manage internal business processes. Together with the application partner, UMB has optimized the software running in the Azure Cloud so that it performs better in every respect, is more secure, and also generates 60 percent lower consumption costs. As a result, Hyrock has more time for personal customer consulting.

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It takes a lot of know-how to develop your own software. The professionals at Hyrock have had their own solution developed for more efficient management of business processes and data processing. It gives the innovative Swiss financial company with locations in Schindellegi, Zurich and Geneva a real competitive edge in the market.  

From development to operation: optimization configurations and unused subscriptions

The Hyrock application was developed to be cloud native right from the start. During development, the focus was on the internal "go to market"; optimizing the configurations and subscriptions was not the issue. As part of the migration of the entire IT infrastructure to UMB, the entire operation of the software was then optimized in terms of costs and security.


Maximum performance and security in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Together with the development partner, the cloud experts at UMB have optimized the software so that it performs at its best in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Development work was also carried out jointly so that the solution is now fully containerized. This meant that some remnants of the development phase - in particular a database server - could be cleaned up and successfully replaced by a database platform as a service (DB PaaS). By eliminating this server and optimizing subscriptions, consumption and associated monthly costs have been reduced by 60 percent!

Incidentally, around 50 percent of costs saved are now invested in security measures for the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This makes Hyrock's solution not only more powerful, but also more secure.


Well organized: details at a glance

UMB has optimized the Azure Tenant and made the following improvements together with the development partner:

  • Optimization of existing subscription and resource availability
  • Significant increase in performance and scalability
  • Introduction of Azure AD, Application GW, infrastructure as a code (IaaC) 
  • Replacement of database services with PaaS
  • Increasing the performance and scalability of the solution
  • Reduction of consumption costs by approximately 60 percent as part of the project
  • Integrated CI/CD pipeline for developers
  • Application services integrated into Azure Kubernetes container environment
  • Significantly increased security through the use of Azure AD and Application GW

Thanks to UMB, Hyrock has more time for personal customer care.


UMB has optimized our Azure Tenant in just a few weeks. Our self-developed HyrockApp now runs faster, and is more secure and stable, all while reducing costs.

Roger Stettler, Chief Operating Officer & Board Member, Hyrock AG

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