Multimedia Terminals for Balgrist University Hospital

Balgrist University Hospital is a highly specialized competence center for musculoskeletal disorders and is one of the leading organizations in orthopedic research. UMB AG was chosen to implement the Atos Unify OpenScape Health Station HiMed V11 solution in this innovative environment.

#Unified Communications  

In November 2021, UMB AG was given the opportunity to equip nine beds in the admission and long-term care department of the hospital - around half of the total number of beds - with modern multimedia terminals as part of a trial (at the same time as another provider). Patients are thus given a little diversion from their daily routine in the clinic and are supported in taking an independent part in shaping their daily lives. In addition, patients can obtain important information directly and easily via the integrated patient portal. In order to offer all patients an attractive entertainment program directly at the bedside, the clinic management decided to implement the HiMed Cockpit18 pro+ multimedia terminal from Atos Unify through UMB AG. This gives patients access to online versions of newspapers and magazines, they can listen to music, use TV and streaming services - and thus put together their very own entertainment program. The service is being continuously expanded - the next additions will be digitally accessible audiobooks and an extensive range of e-books.


Communication and collaboration based on Unify

Balgrist University Hospital had already been using a communications solution from Unify before implementing the multimedia terminals: Atos Unify OpenScape Enterprise Express (OSEE), in conjunction with the Atos Unify OpenScape UC, Atos Unify OpenScape Contact Center and Atos Unify OpenScape Concierge applications, provides employees with a modern unified communications and contact center solution. The positive experience with Unify products and the simple connection to already existing interfaces were decisive for the university hospital when deciding to use HiMed Cockpit18 pro+. The innovative multimedia terminals were implemented by UMB AG. As a proven expert for Unify healthcare products and solutions, the company has many years of experience as a system integrator in the healthcare sector. 

UMB AG also implemented the connection of the patient portal m.Doc, already used at Balgrist University Hospital, to the HiMed Cockpit18 pro+, which contributed significantly to the functional expansion of the multimedia terminal.


Self-services as added value for patients and caregivers 

Dim the lights? Open or close the blinds? Until now, such activities usually required a nurse call. Thanks to intelligent linking, controlling the patient's environment at Balgrist University Hospital is now possible, at least in part, without the help of staff - at least in those rooms equipped with a multimedia terminal. First and foremost, this will reduce the workload of nursing staff. But such patient self-services have a second dimension: They empower patients to remain independent. Thus, they can retain a measure of independence which in turn can have a positive effect on the recovery process. Balgrist University Hospital can imagine expanding the self-services aspect even further in the hospitality segment. For example, patients could also use the multimedia terminal to order food and drinks or ask for a vase of flowers. With its range of self-services, Balgrist University Hospital is ensuring that nursing staff in particular will once again have more time available to spend directly with and for their patients.

The modern multimedia terminals not only provide a pleasant user experience for patients, but also represent an important basis for their integration into the medical treatment process.

Ninoslav Teodorovic, Head of ICT, Universitätsklinik Balgrist

about the Balgrist University Hospital

The balgrist university hospital is a highly specialized center of excellence for the assessment, treatment and follow-up of musculoskeletal injuries. All activities are aimed at providing patients with the greatest possible support. In orthopedic research and teaching, Balgrist University Hospital and the Balgrist Campus set internationally recognized standards. 

The private sponsor of Balgrist University Hospital is the Swiss Balgrist Association.

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