This is how patient needs and digitalization are driving Swiss hospitals forward.

In the IT for Health Special article of Netzwoche you can learn about how we support the Zurich City Hospital together with our partner Unify.

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Carmelo Salmeri
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Today, Swiss hospitals are confronted with various challenges. Nationwide tariff regulations are leading to increasing cost pressure in healthcare facilities, and demands on the medical care offered are rising. At the same time, the shortage of skilled nursing staff is having an impact on the range of services offered.

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How communication and safety pull together in the hospital

Hospitals are dependent on perfectly functioning communication systems in order to be able to fulfill their care mandate at all times. To ensure that the exchange of information functions reliably, the Zurich City Hospital with Triemli and Waid also relies on support from UMB.

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Hospitals depend on functioning communication channels for a smooth workflow. Senior Account Manager Carmelo Salmeri reveals how UMB is helping Zurich City Hospital to keep pace with the ongoing digitalization with its communication solutions.

«We ensure that the city hospital can place its focus on patient care.»

Patients in hospitals no longer just want medical care, they also want to be entertained. Ignazio Ruvolo, application manager at Zurich City Hospital, explains how the hospital manages the balancing act between digitization and patient care.

«PUT or tablet? The hardware question is a central challenge.»

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