Modernized unified communications and alerting solution for Triaplus

For Triaplus, telecommunications with emergency alerting is an elementary factor for optimal work processes and for the safety of its team and clients. UMB implemented an open platform with mobile communication, unified communications and customized alerting.

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Triaplus AG provides basic psychiatric care for adults, children, and adolescents in the cantons of Uri, Schwyz, and Zug. It offers coordinated ambulatory, outpatient, and inpatient treatment at a total of seven locations to the approximately 316,000 residents across cantonal borders.

A modern open platform was sought for the new solution, which, in addition to current and future telecommunications applications including mobile communications, also offers the use of the IP network for optimized utilization. Furthermore, existing systems were to be integrated and unified communications functions introduced. In addition, the paging system was to be replaced by an alerting solution with voice & text as well as exact location of the emergency calls.


A new telephony infrastructure

For telecommunications, a modern platform with a redundant communications server from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) was implemented, offering flexible call management at any location and for any terminal. Triaplus AG uses compact, multifunctional and robust DECT telephones to make calls. These feature outstanding audio quality, mobile access to all telephone services of the ALE communications server, intuitive operation and special functions such as an alarm button.


Unified Communications by Rainbow

The newly installed RainbowTM cloud service from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise also now ensures location-independent communication and collaboration and offers a variety of options such as contact management, presence information or audio and video conferences for up to 120 participants. With Rainbow, Triaplus AG can cover its unified communications requirements, promote the mobility of its employees and implement various integration scenarios.


Emergency alerting with MobiCall

Especially in the psychiatric environment, employee safety plays a crucial role. Emergency calls must be able to be placed quickly and easily and located accurately to ensure an immediate response. 

Triaplus chose the market-proven, high-performance MobiCall alert server solution from New Voice, the global leader in unified event communication. Beacons, which use the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio standard, are used for location. This allows alarms to be localized to the exact room. BLE consumes significantly less power and incurs lower costs than previous standards.

Regardless of how the alarm was triggered, the displays it on the smartphone, including real-time monitoring and an accurate location map.


Advantages and benefits

The new infrastructure provides Triaplus with a future-proof solution that fully covers its telephony, unified communications, and alerting requirements. The homogeneous platform is open for future developments, needs and requirements.

The harmonization of the systems in use, the introduction of mobile DECT communications, and the integration of the surrounding systems, effectively optimize the company's telecommunications and lead to increases in efficiency.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise's communications server provides a flexible and reliable platform for the company's business communications. Thanks to hybrid connectivity, a wide variety of end devices can now be operated.

The RainbowTM cloud service with its modern unified communications features supports communication and collaboration within the team and external contacts. This increases the efficiency and productivity of work and enables greater employee mobility.

The flexible alerting solution MobiCall increases staff safety with an innovative hybrid system that has been adapted to the specific requirements of Triaplus. This means that employees can be helped more quickly and in a more targeted manner in the event of threats and assaults.

UMB has advised us competently, orchestrated the cooperation with the technology suppliers and implemented the integral communication as requested. We are very satisfied with the new solution and now optimally positioned for the future.

Christian Kieliger, Head of Construction, Technology and Safety Triaplus AG

About Triaplus

Triaplus AG combines primary psychiatric care for adults, children, and adolescents in the cantons of Uri, Schwyz, and Zug. It offers coordinated ambulatory, outpatient, and inpatient treatment across cantonal borders. Its services, which are spread over the entire concordat area with a total of seven locations, ensure psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care for the approximately 316,000 residents of the three cantons. The company has existed in this organizational form with a supra-regional concordat since July 1, 2017, and employs around 500 staff. To the right: Klink Zugersee - Center for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

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