Pro Senectute Canton Zurich is Approaching the Digital Future With a Clearly Defined Digital Strategy.

Every industry and every company will have to change over the next few years in order to successfully master the digital revolution. Those who properly approach this challenge will benefit from numerous advantages and opportunities. To this end, UMB has developed a digital strategy for Pro Senectute Zurich.

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Pro Senectute Canton Zurich

As a private, non-profit foundation, Pro Senectute Canton Zurich is committed to the well-being and autonomy of senior citizens. As a specialist organization for old age, it offers advice and services for the elderly, their caregivers, as well as for authorities and institutions.


The challenge

Demographic developments are significantly impacting population health, and megatrends such as silver society, health, individualization, and connectivity are particularly relevant for the foundation.

Older people are living longer in good health in their own homes. A new image of aging and a positive attitude toward preventive health care are influencing many seniors today.


The solution

In order to be able to go forward deliberately and with a carefully targeted use of resources, Pro Senectute Canton Zurich has decided to establish a digital strategy.


Digital strategy for Pro Senectute Canton Zurich

Through intensive teamwork, valuable insights were gained, important decisions were made and effective solutions were developed. Concrete potential benefits were identified that can be offered to Pro Senectute Canton Zurich and the senior citizens in their everyday lives. Using UMB's Digital Transformation Framework, the strategy was developed in a targeted and methodologically sound manner.

This joint development has resulted in a high level of motivation to actively tackle the transformation of the service portfolio, processes, tools, and culture, in line with the newly developed digital strategy. By empowering the project staff, the foundation will be able to respond to future changes and realign itself at any time.

We combine the analog and digital worlds with UMB's expertise in order to support the elderly into the digital future.

Véronique Tischhauser-Ducrot, Chairwoman of the Executive Board Pro Senectute Zurich

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