Hotel Prätschli Arosa has more time for guests and innovative ideas.

Nestled in the alpine panorama, way up above Arosa, lies the renowned Hotel Prätschli. Built at the beginning of the last century, the Hotel has undergone stylish renovations and is now considered one of the best addresses in Arosa. To ensure every guest’s wish is fulfilled, UMB is supporting the hotel in its digital transformation. At the Prätschli, time for guests means, among many other innovative ideas, that star chef Tristan Brandt spoils them in the Restaurant Artis.


UMB's IT expertise creates time for the transformation

The tourism industry is becoming increasingly dependent on high-performance IT. Innovative concepts are based on clever digital services in almost all areas. Incidentally, Arosa Tourism is also following this path and revolutionizing mountain tourism with IT services from UMB.

Embracing digital transformation is essential for the future of tourism. Only a strategy rooted in technology can shape the ‘guest journey’ to ensure comfort, enhance the guest experience, and create unforgettable moments. The Prätschli is on this exact path, with UMB aiding its digital transformation. This four-star hotel is skillfully blending its century-old tradition and unique charm with the demands of a contemporary restaurant and hotel business.


Hotel Prätschli Arosa has more time for guests and innovative ideas thanks to UMB.

UMB guides us in our digital transformation and creates time for our guests and innovative ideas.

André Salamin, Hotel Manager, Prätschli

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