Arosa revolutionizes mountain tourism!

Arosa is in the UMB cloud utilizing a revolutionary IT pricing model. Applying business linked pricing, Arosa Tourism only pays when the beds are full and the tickets to the mountains have been sold.

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Arosa Humor Festival: More time for brilliant tourism ideas.
Arosa Bear Sanctuary: Another brilliant idea from Arosa tourism.

Business linked pricing - contingent on monthly business success

UMB's new cloud pricing model is simple, transparent, and easy on the customer's cash-flow. Our existing pay on demand model has been extended to include a variable price component. The price for Arosa Tourism will continue to be calculated monthly. However, in months with low capacity utilisation, Arosa Tourism pays very little, while it pays more in high season.

UMB thus participates in the entrepreneurial risk. This allows the Arosa Tourism team to invest time and resources in new ingenious ideas for guests.


Arosa has more time. 2,750 hours per year.

We only pay when the tourism business is humming.

Roland Schuler, Director Arosa Tourismus

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