State-of-the-art Dynamic IT Infrastructures Demand Flash Technology.

Over the past year, the global flash memory market has grown by some 40 percent. More and more IT infrastructures are being equipped with flash technology, and the number of users and applications is rising. Flash has not only become cheaper, it is also the only storage technology that is able to meet the requirements of modern dynamic IT infrastructures.

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Flash is the current trend in the memory sector - for very good reasons. The technology delivers extra speed and increased efficiency. Prices have fallen so much that so-called all flash arrays (AFAs) have become an attractive option in virtually all areas of any organization. Such storage systems, which, in contrast to hard disks, manage without moving parts, have already become indispensable in a number of fields due to their speed.


IoT and AI only work with Flash technology

AI applications, for example, usually work on the basis of an enormous amount of raw data that requires real-time processing - a task that currently can only be accomplished with flash technology. The same applies to the Internet of Things (IoT), which is also experiencing tremendous growth. Next year there will be more than 26 billion IoT devices worldwide. All of these devices, most of them sensory, will deliver huge amounts of data to companies expecting meaningful insights and direct benefits as a result. Obviously, such businesses will need to significantly increase their data collection capacity. Again, flash technology is the only solution capable of handling such fast-paced IoT data infrastructures. The fact that flash can store up to five times more data in the same space than conventional technology also contributes to this development. In addition, flash consumes less energy and as a result is significantly cheaper in terms of power consumption. Furthermore, lower reliability, attributed to flash technology years ago, is a thing of the past. Flash storage today is at least as reliable as disk-based solutions.


Leading edge flash memory technologies

UMB is, among other things, a flash memory specialist. Our data centers and cloud services operate with leading edge flash memory technologies - including those from IBM. UMB combines IBM technology, software, and services with unique know-how throughout Switzerland. We are the only partner in Switzerland to have been awarded Elite Specialty status regarding IBM power and storage.

If you feel like delving deeper into the subject and learning more about the latest IBM Flash System 9100 NVMe with Skylake technology, I recommend my Deep Dive Blog on the subject. Please contact me for more information.