And Suddenly, You're Right In The Middle Of It.

The current situation around the coronavirus also affects UMB. Read in our blog how we deal with it, what measures we take, how we adapt our behavior. We use our organization, culture, and governance, combined with state-of-the-art technical tools, to be able to continue working efficiently.

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The anticipation 

March is usually a highlight for the 400 employees at UMB because of two events. On the one hand, the sports enthusiasts among us are looking forward to a ski weekend, which traditionally takes place in Arosa. On the other hand, the members of the management team will be spending a few days in seclusion to fine-tune strategy and orientation of the company. For the approximately 60 members of the management team, this offers a very intensive but also exciting opportunity to get involved and exchange ideas. 

The disappointment

Reactions after the appearance of the coronavirus were as varied as the composition of the UMB team. Most of our team members simply took note of what happened, since the trouble was still far away. This changed when the Federal Council decided to ban major events[1]. The first discussions on the topic were held at management level. Is it still responsible to hold a ski weekend with 190 co-workers?  How great is the risk of infection at the management team event? And how does UMB ensure the operation of our customers' IT infrastructures if, for example, working in our open-plan offices is no longer possible or even prohibited? The first question answered itself, as the decision was taken away from us. The Canton of Graubünden had prohibited our Ski Weekend[2].

How to proceed with the leadership workshop?

Management quickly agreed that the possibly most important days of the year for UMB could not simply be cancelled. It was therefore decided to hold the workshop in six regional groups in order to minimize the risk of infection. There will be no overnight stay or shared meals. The joint lectures and workshops on consolidation are to be held via online conference calls. 

The current situation and the measures ordered by the authorities have directly affected us and kept us on our toes these days. The scenario illustrates what is important in such a context, both from a technical and an organizational point of view. 


What were the five most important findings and measures?

The attached PDF contains the five most important insights and measures we have gained from this situation and will apply in the further course of the corona crisis.