Davos Klosters: More time for the perfect winter day!

Davos Klosters is one of the most famous and tradition-rich ski resorts in the world. In order to ensure operational excellence in the future and to be able to concentrate on its core business, the resort has outsourced all IT services into the UMB Cloud. And thus has time to organize the perfect winter day for its guests.

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Sports unlimited: Davos always was a pioneer

The first winter guests made their way to Davos as early as 1865. The Spengler Cup, held for the first time in 1923, is the oldest and most renowned international ice hockey club tournament in the world. In 1934, the world's first T-bar ski lift was put into operation on the slopes of the Bolgen!


Operational excellence through the migration of all IT services into the UMB cloud.

Communication between locations, standardized and consistent processes, central IT, reliability, and exact scalability will be decisive factors for the destination Davos Klosters in the future.


Davos has more time for a perfect winter's day: 8'250 hours.

UMB's quality is outstanding in every respect. As a hockey team, UMB would be the Spengler Cup champion!

Reto Branschi, Tourism Director, Davos Klosters

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