Meier Tobler Cybersecurity: When a Crisis Becomes an Opportunity.

Building technology company Meier Tobler made headlines for months due to a serious ransomware incident. However, the crisis has been overcome and Meier Tobler has responded: A new strong IT is being implemented together with UMB.

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In late July 2019, hackers attacked Meier Tobler AG with ransomware. It took the company months and millions to recover from the blow. This was just one of many incidents of this kind in Switzerland. Even though Meier Tobler did not pay a ransom: Revenues generated by the international cybercrime industry have multiplied in recent years.


New start with UMB creates time for energy transition and energy efficiency.

Meier Tobler has learned from the attack. All security relevant processes have been adapted accordingly. Today, the company relies on the UMB Cyber Defense Center. In addition, the entire IT strategy has been renewed, and in the future, the focus will be on issues such as modern workplace or user experience. Meier Tobler is using the crisis as an opportunity and is now able to focus even better on core topics such as energy transition and energy efficiency.

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Meier Tobler now has more time for groundbreaking building technology solutions.

I would not wish an incident of this magnitude on anyone. Meier Tobler has responded to this and is implementing a new, strong IT system with UMB.

Martin Schäppi, Head of Corporate Communications, Meier Tobler AG

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