Heartwarming Moments at Zurich's Cold Main Station. UMB Creating Time.

"Hello, do you have a moment for me? I would like to give you some time - holiday time". This is how random passers-by were greeted at Zurich Main Station - straight from the UMB time machine.

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Andreas Rotzler
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Time for many smiling faces.
There Must Be an Angel: creating time at cold Zurich main station.
Beautiful a capella singing at Zurich main station.
Behind the scenes: the enthusiastic team from UMB - with their time machine.

Families, mothers, fathers, teenagers, travelers and other passers-by were asked for a moment of their time. A moment that they then filled with their talent for our video. For this, they were presented with holiday happiness from our cloud customer and co-creation partner Hapimag. Their reactions were quite emotional.

They sang, danced, played guitar, juggled, showed their acting talent and created wonderful moments for their audience and for their Hapimag holiday happiness. They made people's eyes shine and hurried passers-by linger and marvel. And all this at Zurich Main Station, one of the busiest places in Switzerland! We were amazed how much time could be created on an ordinary Saturday afternoon at Zurich Main Station.

However, what does this action have to do with an IT company? The time machine illustrates what UMB really does for a company and its employees: Through business & technology transformation, UMB creates time that can be used by its customers for their core business and thus profitably for the further development of their company. Time to implement ideas. Time to look after one's talents and the wishes of one's customers - as we were able to create on Saturday at Zurich Main Station with our cloud customer and co-creation partner Hapimag.

The UMB time machine will soon land at our next co-creation partner. Follow us now on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram oder LinkedIn)!


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