Backing up the Data Flood with SaaS from the Cloud.

Individuals, businesses, governments and other organizations are producing unimaginably large amounts of data. Last year alone, 59 zettabytes were added worldwide [i] – which equals one billion terabytes or one trillion gigabytes. A large portion of this data needs to be backed up. To do this, as-a-service offerings in place of traditional storage methods are a powerful and increasingly popular choice.








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Backup as a service is a part of such data protection services from the cloud, but not all BaaS services are created equal[i]. Some can back up almost anything and are able to meet the needs of most organizations. Others cater to smaller businesses or focus on specific software as a service applications, such as Microsoft 365, in which case we are talking about cloud-to-cloud data protection. More and more companies have employees who work from home, where in many cases they also store company data on personal devices. BaaS makes it possible to back up such devices and the data stored on them.


SaaS for comprehensive data protection in the cloud

The pandemic-driven increase in the number of employees working from home has led to a huge growth in the popularity of the cloud over the past year. For many companies, the circumstances simply left them no choice but to migrate to the cloud. This led to cybercriminals targeting home offices, which in turn caused a sharp increase in ransomware attacks. Thus, IT security is in demand as never before[ii], and according to forecasts, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) market is expected to account for the largest share of the security market in the future, much of it due to the scalability of subscription-based software[iii]. SaaS solutions offer simple subscriptions, predictable costs, and little or no capital investment - making them an attractive and practical option that frees up valuable budget funds for network, hardware, and infrastructure expenses.


Backup services require all-round data security

Fully hosted data protection aims to make sure that those responsible for data security in an organization never again have to deal with installation, configuration, or large upfront investments. That's why the question for many companies is no longer whether to move their data protection workloads to the cloud but which workloads to move there first. SaaS models, such as the one offered by backup giant Commvault under the name "Metallic[iv], go far beyond offering BaaS services. They offer built-in protection against cyberattacks through secured and tamper-proof copies of the data, as well as tighter security controls preventing unauthorized access to backup data. Given the ongoing threat of ransomware, protection like this is of great importance to businesses in all industries right now.


Specialists for secure data 

Commvault has already launched Metallic in several European countries and Israel, as well as in the US. Offerings include Metallic for Office 365, Metallic for endpoints (protecting desktops and laptops, including Apple Mac hardware), and Metallic Core, which allows customers to back up workloads to the cloud but also store active copies on local infrastructure for faster recovery. Core customers can also use their own Microsoft Azure or AWS cloud storage as a backup destination.


UMB is a Commvault Market Builder

In 2020, UMB was the only Swiss IT service provider to achieve Commvault's Market Builder Partner status and is also the only Swiss Service Advantage+ Partner with a Commvault Master Cetification. This is the result of countless successful Commvault projects and it guarantees first-class know-how for all your Commvault projects. When it comes to concepts for data protection, archiving, disaster recovery as a service, backup as a service, or Commvault Metallic, you've come to the right place. Contact us for additional information.