Dr. Risch: One of Switzerland's Fastest Medical Laboratories Accelerates Even More With UMB.

At Laboratory Dr. Risch, precision, safety and speed are paramount. When it comes to laboratory samples, every minute may count, and downtime is not an option. That's why Dr. Risch is renewing its hardware with the assistance of UMB. Three geo-redundant data centers in Switzerland, based on new and extremely powerful hardware from HPE, ensure that all systems are running reliably around the clock. So that customers continue to receive vital data in real time.

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22 interconnected laboratory sites in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Laboratory Dr. Risch boasts an infrastructure that guarantees exceptional quality, speed and reliable service. Founded in 1970, the Vaduz-based family business now employs 650 people. Laboratory diagnostics is the core competence of Dr. Risch and is at the center of the comprehensive range of services for clinics, physicians, medical practices and other players in the healthcare sector.


Numerous IT employees and a modern infrastructure keep everything running at all times

Even in today's laboratories, nothing works without IT. Georg Farkas, Project Manager at Dr. Risch, explains: «IT has an extremely high priority for us, as we produce data for our customers that must be transmitted precisely, discreetly and quickly. We regularly renew our IT infrastructure with UMB and make sure that the systems are high-performance and function absolutely reliably.

Thanks to our internal IT specialists, state-of-the-art infrastructure based on HPE servers, geo-redundancy and the added know-how of the UMB experts, our 650 employees can rely on functioning IT at all times. We cannot afford a failure, too much is at stake.»


Even more power and speed thanks to migration to new hardware from HPE

The three geo-redundant data centers in Vaduz, Buchs and Liebefeld ensure that operations can be maintained 24/7. 400 virtual servers run on eight physical servers. These servers have more than twice as much power and require only half as much electricity as before. After all, sustainability and cost-effectiveness are important issues at Dr. Risch, too. End customers - hospitals, clinics and doctors - are directly connected to the IT systems. Every increase in IT performance directly benefits the customers.


Thanks to UMB, the Dr. Risch Group has more time for laboratory diagnostics.

We absolutely cannot afford any downtime, and when it comes to laboratory samples, time is of the essence. That is why UMB creating time is the ideal IT partner for us.

Georg Farkas, Project Manager, Dr. Risch

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