Advantage and Business Innovations Thanks to Automated Workflows and Processes

The trend towards work process automation and remote working, already identified in the World Economic Forum's «The Future of Jobs Report 2020», continues today. Together with our partner Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, we offer solutions, technologies, and know-how for the move to autonomous networks to ensure that every industry can take advantage of workflow and business process automation.

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Convincing and comprehensive benefits

Organizations that automate their workflows and business processes act faster, smarter and are better informed. As a result, they gain the digital savvy they need to remain agile in business and survive in the modern world. They can complete tasks faster and respond more quickly, reducing their operating costs and cutting back on management oversight.

Automation reduces the margin for human error, identifies new business opportunities, and improves customer experience. It also enables problems to be proactively identified and addressed, and has a positive impact on quality management and regulatory compliance. In addition, it allows businesses to simplify and accelerate approval processes and increase planning accuracy.


Virtually unlimited possibilities

Workflows and business processes may be automated in a wide variety of ways and for different industry-specific needs. For a school campus or university campus, for example, automation creates more security thanks to:

  • Automatic notification of events such as fire, flood, gas leaks, an approaching storm, or assault threats.
  • Emergency call apps and CCTV cameras linked to central security systems so staff know immediately when students are at increased risk.
  • Automated lighting systems that increase visibility throughout the campus.

In other cases, automation can be used to meet specific specifications set by the institution. For example, equipment can be automatically turned on and off at specific times in order to optimize usage and conserve electricity.


How UMB implements automated work processes

To enable end-to-end automation, UMB combines secure autonomous network solutions with industry-leading communications and collaboration platforms, such as those from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. UMB customers who are already using integrated network automation with ALE network components benefit every day from reliable, simple operation, automated expansion options and transparent control over their network. In addition, we also offer a flexible approach to network as a service, helping organizations accelerate the transition to autonomous networking in a cost-effective manner.

UMB knows how to use the automation possibilities of our cloud and on-site solutions skilfully and to combine them elegantly with other IT elements. This brings the greatest possible advantage to the customer, and in particular also the gain of time!

Ralph Hürlimann, Channel Sales Manager, ALE Switzerland GmbH