UMB Hybrid Power: Combine the Best-in-Class Technologies.

In the modern workplace, businesses strive to provide their employees with secure and flexible digital environments that enable productivity from anywhere, on any device. For this, many organizations are deploying Citrix with Microsoft Intune. This combination enables seamless application delivery, secure access, and comprehensive device management, thus enhancing productivity, mobility, and data protection for your business.

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Citrix offers robust application and desktop virtualization, enabling employees to access their work environment from any device, while Intune provides powerful mobile device management (MDM) capabilities. Together, they streamline application delivery across diverse platforms, ensuring employees have instant access to the applications they need to get the job done while they also help your organization to strengthen its security posture. Intune's advanced security features, such as conditional access policies, data encryption, and app-level protection, seamlessly integrate with Citrix's secure virtualization framework. This combination ensures that sensitive business data is protected, regardless of the device or network used to access it.


Simplifying device management and improving user experience

Managing a diverse fleet of devices can be a daunting task for IT teams. However, by integrating Citrix and Intune, businesses can simplify device management and reduce administrative overhead. Intune's unified endpoint management capabilities enable IT administrators to easily manage and secure devices, enforce policies, and deploy updates. This allows businesses to maintain control and compliance while enabling employees to work productively on their preferred devices.
One of the key benefits of combining Citrix and Intune is an enhanced user experience. Citrix's virtualization technology ensures consistent access to applications and desktops, while Intune's MDM capabilities offer a secure and smooth mobile experience. Employees can switch between devices effortlessly, with their personalized work environment following them wherever they go. This promotes productivity and empowers employees to work in a way that suits their preferences and workstyle.

Flexibility, scalability for a dynamic workspace

Citrix and Intune integration provides businesses with flexibility and scalability options. Whether you choose to deploy on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, the combined solution can adapt to your evolving business needs. With the scalability offered by Citrix and the cloud-native capabilities of Intune, businesses can effortlessly accommodate growth and expansion while maintaining a consistent user experience and robust security framework.

As an experienced Microsoft and Citrix partner, UMB can provide a dynamic digital workspace that enhances productivity and fortifies security in your organization by combining the power of Citrix and Intune. The integration of these technologies enables streamlined application delivery, simplified device management, improved user experience, and scalability for future growth. Take advantage of this combination to provide your Team with a secure and flexible work environment, empowering them to achieve more from anywhere, on any device. Please contact us for more information.