Requirement Engineering: Determining What the Customer Wants and Needs.

The creation of requirement analyses, also known as requirement engineering, is a key factor when defining IT services. The aim is to determine the exact user expectations for a product or service. These requirements must be relevant, detailed, and quantifiable. This process is an important aspect in project and service management.

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The objective is straightforward: to find out what the customer really wants and needs, what the users require and what impact the software, system, or service will have on the users.


Requirements are defined by the individual business units

Business IT requirements are always changing - depending on the company and its market. This dynamic must be taken into account when analyzing requirements, as well as the fact that such demands are not formulated in the IT department, but are defined in the various business units. Therefore, it is all the more important to present the complete requirement catalogue prior to project initialization. All stakeholders must be involved. The collected data will then be refined, priorities defined and any conflicts between differing requirements resolved. For this purpose, framework conditions and objectives of such an IT project must be precisely defined and quantified. Product and service quality as well as pricing must be included.


IT as a Service to meet dynamic requirements

Cloud technology and extremely powerful data centers have made the delivery of IT as a service (ITaaS) a reality. This makes it possible to meet the dynamic IT requirements of modern companies. With ITaaS there is no need for expensive investments; IT services are procured and invoiced as required using precisely quantified service level contracts. All technology remains flexible and can adapt to business requirements. Thus, IT becomes a real business enabler.

At UMB, the Service Delivery Manager will become the central hub for the customer and its business units as part of a multi-year ITaaS contract. This demanding role requires extensive IT knowledge and a broad understanding of business. This way, we are able to provide our leading edge expertise and our fast, scalable platform as a tailor-made and perfect IT service.

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