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Ten Container Misconceptions Slowing Down Your Innovations.

There is no way around container technology in the cloud today. Containers provide the full runtime environment of applications in a compact package and significantly accelerate the rollout of applications. Kubernetes is now the standard for orchestration. Together, they make your IT fast, agile, and flexible. However, there are still common misconceptions that keep companies from taking advantage of this breakthrough technology. This is holding back the innovation power of your business.

We hear them again and again, false assumptions regarding container technologies:  Too rigid, too expensive, not yet mature, or just for big companies.  The truth is that there is no way around container technology and Kubernetes for future-proof and efficient software development today.


Containers will not tie you to one manufacturer

UMB partners with Red Hat for Kubernetes. However, it's not as if container technology would tie you to one vendor. If something is consistently built on microservices, the workload can be deployed on all Kubernetes distributions. This allows you to be and stay flexible and pick the vendor that suits you. To learn about nine other container misconceptions please download our PDF.


UMB Container-Workshop

We will advise and accompany you during your transformation. For example, with a container workshop that explains in simple and understandable terms what Kubernetes is and what concrete advantages the technology brings. Or by showing the architectural possibilities of Kubernetes-based infrastructures such as OpenShift, Rancher or Plain Kubernetes.

Understand what Kubernetes is and what it brings to your business


UMB 360 Degree - we understand your IT as a whole

Containers are an important element in your software development. However, they are only part of a large IT ecosystem. With our leading edge expertise in the areas of consulting, cloud, digital transformation, modern work, and infrastructure we offer a dedicated network of specialists. We master all disciplines and areas of your IT - so that in the end your software will harmonize with your infrastructure and can unfold its full potential!

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Ten Container Misconceptions Slowing Down Your Innovations.

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