Modern Work with UMB and Apple Devices

Almost half of all Swiss people already use an iPhone.

Apple devices are not only used privately, but also for work. This means that no company can avoid the integration of Apple products. UMB is an Apple Authorized Reseller and Modern Work specialist, making it the ideal partner for integrating the entire Apple product portfolio into your company. We support you throughout the entire life cycle of the devices and in every phase of your Apple journey.

Apple products

Why Apple products are the best choice for business

Is it design, quality or user-friendliness - or all of the above? The fact is that there are many valid arguments in favor of using Apple products in the company:


Simple, intuitive handling is a key argument - and not just for Apple natives. iPhone, iPad and Mac work together seamlessly and have many features in common. You and your talents are therefore often already familiar with the devices and can start working on tasks immediately.

Quality and reliability

Apple products are durable and known for their high quality and reliability. They retain their value over a longer period, so you will benefit from their high residual value when you upgrade. This makes them a good investment.


All Apple products are by design engineered to protect personal and corporate information. Software and hardware are made for each other, with advanced security built into the chip - without any add-ons or additional purchases.

Easy integration and management

As employees are increasingly mobile and often no longer work solely in the office, simple deployment without manual configuration is essential these days. With Apple Business Manager, devices can be automatically deployed, instantly registered in the MDM system, and used immediately. Settings are securely transferred via internet connection (OTA) to give teams access to services from the company. Apps can be loaded in the background based on the individual user profile - all without manual configuration.

Should you ever need support: UMB is there for you to efficiently manage, monitor, and secure your Apple devices.

App ecosystem

The iOS and macOS ecosystem provide access to a wide range of apps that can help businesses with various tasks and workflows. Over 235,000 business apps in the App Store, including Microsoft 365, Zoom, Salesforce, Box and many more, offer plenty of opportunities to be creative, innovative, and collaborative.


Energy-efficient, reusable and largely made from recycled materials - these are Apple products. Thanks to their durability, many Apple products can be reused, extending their life cycle even further.

Apple introduced its first carbon-neutral products with the new Apple Watch family, marking an important milestone for "Apple 2030" - an ambitious strategy to become carbon-neutral across the entire value chain by the year 2030.

Win the 'War for Talents' with us!

Over the coming years, the 'war for talent' will intensify in Switzerland too. An important element when deciding on an employer can be the free choice of work equipment. Apple devices - iPhone, iMac or iPad - are particularly popular among the younger population. These young talents are keen to utilize the devices they are accustomed to in their work environment.

UMB and Modern Work

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Focus on what you do best - your core business. Always enjoy the latest technical environment. At UMB Modern Work, Apple products are not only allowed, they are fully supported. That is a significant difference.

With UMB, you benefit from a lifecycle model at a fixed monthly price. You can rely on knowing that your team can work on perfectly maintained and modern devices at all times. This also increases their satisfaction.

UMB Modern Work is available in three versions: Device only, Traditional Workplace and Modern Workplace. With Modern Workplace, you no longer need to worry about anything at all: Whether working in the company or from home - you can rely on permanently operational and secure devices.

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Apple MacBooks

UMB services for Apple implementations

We know both worlds - the Apple platform and the world of Microsoft and Windows - and can combine them perfectly. We support companies in the development, implementation and realization of their Apple strategy and the integrative operation with other devices and the existing IT infrastructure.

We are able to offer you the right services for the integration of Apple devices at your company:

Apple ID

We take care of the Apple ID for your business and your employees. So that your Apple devices can be clearly identified company-wide and can be used securely in your network.

Conditional Access for iOS / macOS

We manage access to your Apple devices and take care of device compliance.

Content Caching

Content caching is an important Apple feature that must be activated. It substantially reduces the network load of Apple devices. We will set up the service and maintain it for you.

App Protection

You want to use apps on the iPhone and iPad for your company? We will make sure that they can be used securely. This also ensures a high level of data security on the iPhone and iPad.

iOS management / Mac management

Depending on the contract model, we will take over the management of all Apple devices in your company.

Service desk and support of Apple devices

The UMB Service Desk is staffed by friendly and competent specialists for Apple devices.  

Hardware lifecycle

On request, we can take care of the entire lifecycle of your Apple devices - from purchase to maintenance to replacement.

Talk to us about Modern Work and Apple

We will advise you without any obligation on your part on how to create an Apple integration concept, how to implement the devices properly and operate them without any problems. Contact us now.

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