UMB Business Automation: Your Smart Path to Successful Digitization.

Processes determine our day-to-day work. In order to remain competitive, to open up new business models or to eliminate sources of error, the digitization of business processes is the key to success.

End to end - everything from a single source

With our leading edge team, we are able to implement end to end digitization. UMB can provide you with support from brainstorming and conception to implementation and operation - all from a single source. Our industry-unique CURO framework allows us to complete projects faster and thus reduce project costs.


Our solution architecture: The UMB digital process factory

Our tried-and-tested approach, proven hundreds of times in projects, guarantees efficiency and feasibility with maximum flexibility.

Curo business automation from UMB AG enables us to create a unique customer experience.

Mona Brühlmann, Head of Digitization, acrevis Bank AG / Finanz-Logistik AG

Software development

Our developers work according to the most modern methods utilizing agile project management. We want to create the best possible user experience. Our specialists work with Java technologies and are able to develop modern, fully automated applications for container platforms.

Process engineering utilizing the unique CURO framework

With Camunda, we rely on a strong partner in the area of workflow automation. The lean and stable open source workflow engine is at the very core of digitizing workflows. With Camunda, we achieve maximum flexibility with regard to the implementation of already existing customer systems. We have consistently combined modules from our projects in our self-developed CURO framework, which allows us to reduce time and costs in our new projects.

More info about CURO

Integration engineering - for data flow without media discontinuity

Integration is the key to successful digitization projects. End to end digitization is only possible if data can flow without media discontinuity. From numerous successful projects, we have acquired Switzerland-wide unique know-how in the field of integration. This will be crucial to the success of your project.

Integration is also key to delivering a unique user-friendly experience. We achieve this by bringing together all data from different systems that are relevant to the task in one place.

Robotic process automation RPA - the hardworking helpers

By using software robots, we are able to imitate human activities on a PC quickly and easily. Software robots can imitate human screen inputs and thus automate recurring tasks. However, we also use software robots within the digital process factory where, for example, no interfaces are available or where they are too complex to develop.

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Start now into a new era of digitization

Many well-known Swiss companies - for example, Bank Acrevis or Brugg Lifting - rely on UMB business process automation expertise. You too can benefit from a new dimension of digitization and start now with us as your digital trusted advisor.

Your advantages with UMB business process automation

  • More than 90 experienced solutions consultants
  • Unique CURO framework to accelerate projects
  • Security and transparency through open source development
  • Many years of experience with Camunda projects
  • Partnerships for RPA with UiPath, IBM and Microsoft
  • Trusted advisor approach for a holistic view of our customers
  • Everything from one source - brainstorming, conception, implementation, and operation.

Your contacts

Patrick Brazzale
+41 44 317 18 12