UMB_chat. Communicate the way your customers do.

UMB_chat is a modular conversational business platform including messenger, live chat and video call. It allows companies to communicate with their customers at eye level. The user-centered design and the communication desk, an innovative backend for the company's employees, make UMB_chat the ideal communication tool.

Over 90% of the Swiss population use messengers to communicate in their daily lives. However, many companies neglect this communication channel. A specific chat application for companies is a must these days. Functionalities such as info channel, mass mailing and the integration into existing customer habits are mandatory. UMB_chat not only meets the communication needs of companies, but also accompanies customers throughout the entire customer life cycle without media breaks.

Your benefits using UMB_chat

  • Easy to use
  • Transport of individual personality and emotions
  • Building a relationship
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Combination of different media

Conversational business with UMB_chat at a glance.

Open interfaces
APIs allow UMB_chat to be directly linked to your company's existing systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, call center software).
With UMB_chat you have the possibility to define use cases and have them performed automatically.
As a web-based application, UMB_chat can be integrated anywhere, including existing websites, customer portals or mobile applications.
Modular structure
Both live chat and messenger can be operated and automated individually or in combination.
UMB_chat's security standards always meet your company's requirements.
Operation is possible both on premise and cloud-based. Both solutions guarantee the highest possible security.
Individual design
The appearance of the user interface can be designed to match the corporate design of your company.
UMB_chat has already been successfully integrated and is being used by several companies.

It's easy to get in touch using live chat.

Direct contacts

Direct and modern communication in real time - wherever potential customers are looking for you.


Secure transfer

Thanks to easy login with mTAN, dialogs are simply transferred to the messenger, where personal data can be exchanged securely.


Flexible to use

Can be used as an omni-channel application on websites as well as within apps.

Stay in touch through the messenger.

1. Open dialogs

all important dialogs always ready.


2. Subscribed topics

Thanks to the customizable info channel, customers can decide for themselves which topics they want to receive information on.


3. Up-to-date

Provide your customers with important topics as shortcut for immediate access.


  • Customers receive information from the company via the Infochannel, whereby they can subscribe to and unsubscribe from the topics themselves.
  • Can be integrated anywhere as an omnichannel solution - even in existing messengers such as WhatsApp Business.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) via the existing company login.
  • Users can receive new messages in dialogs and in the info channel directly on their mobile device via push notifications.
  • State-of-the-art technology allows secure exchange of personal data and documents.
  • The user experience of the messenger was challenged in usability tests.

Keeping an eye on everything with the communication desk.

The search function will find every keyword, even within messages.


All new messages in one place – making it easy to reply to them or assign them to the responsible person.


My dialogs
See immediately if you have received a personal message. Favorites: Have all the important dialogs always at your fingertips.


Info channel
Provide your customers with news on a regular basis.


Mass mailing
Send messages to a target group you define with just a few clicks.


Analyze the number of messages, users and topics in the info channel over a defined period of time.


Live chat
Manage live chats in the communication desk and use helpful features like alarms, prioritization and timers.

  • Intuitive mobile version for you and your employees to use on their smartphones.
  • A sophisticated role concept and user management with the option of direct connection to your company's active directory.
  • Messages can be forwarded as a task to the responsible person or automated as a use case.
  • Documents can be easily uploaded and exchanged as attachments.
  • Simplify conversation management and archiving.
  • Create message templates to quickly respond to common customer concerns.

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