«I am planning your digital journey.»

UMB Architect​
For scalable digital solutions​

Current situation

Speed and agility will be constants of our future

Stability and performance are still top issues, but new requirements such as speed and agility are also emerging.

The challenges

Whether it's grandmother ordering gifts online or the mountain farmer ordering feed for his cows: 99% of all Swiss people live digitally. However, many Swiss companies do not.

Overview in a concert of measures

The number of possible technologies is limitless, the selection time-consuming, and coordination and orchestration are sustainable only with a lot of foresight.

The solution

IT-Flex architecture

The UMB Architect outlines, directs and orchestrates all individual measures.

A flexible, modern architecture in combination with a scalable foundation enables the agile and successful operation of your IT projects in a sustainable manner.


sketching_directing_orchestrating_agile scaling

The advantages of UMB Architect!

Proper analysis
Clear strategy
Transformation guidance

Time savings through sustainable IT architecture

240 hours/year

720 hours/year

24'000 hours/Jahr

creating time with a perfect IT architecture
240 hours per year and employee​

240 hours/year

*1 360 work hours per year

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