Robotic Process Automation

Repetitive work can be error-prone, time-consuming, and costly. Robotic process automation (RPA) helps to reduce this kind of tasks to a minimum. Automate your business processes now with virtual helpers. As a partner of various providers of RPA solutions our experts can support you with the required analysis, documentation, implementation, and maintenance.

Robotic process automation refers to the automated handling of processes by software robots. Thematically, RPA belongs to the field of business automation and is a cost-effective and simple method of digitizing business processes. RPA is often used as a link between two systems in order to optimize media breaks, for example, between a merchandise management program and an ERP system.

Incredibly hard-working digital helpers

RPA is software that mimics human interactions - in the same applications used by humans. Software robots can imitate existing processes; they simply need to be trained for it.

RPA systems do not require costly interfaces but are based on the existing graphical user interface (GUI) of a system to independently enter data into a program. Robots read, click and enter data - just like humans, only much more efficient, reliable and without ever losing patience.

UMB robotic operation center (ROC)

It takes know-how and time to operate RPA smoothly and without interruption. Simply leave it to the experts from the UMB Robotic Operation Center. For a fixed, flat-rate fee we will take responsibility for your robots. Within the framework of a service contract we will monitor and rectify any malfunctions and support your employees in operating the robots.

The concept and advantages of UMB RPA

  • Imitation of a manual process
  • The GUI can be used as the interface.
  • With a little practice, automatic processes can be developed by users themselves.
  • Low threshold for entry, low complexity
  • Robots can be assembled in a modular fashion
  • RPA increases productivity and quality
  • RPA saves costs and eliminates repetitive and boring work