«Carving out a business from an international corporation requires speed and a profound understanding of specific business circumstances. We are impressed by UMB’s speed and know-how.»

Matthias Täubl, Vice-President, AURELIUS Equity Opportunities


The right IT services come from the right IT strategy

We work with you to develop a constructive IT strategy. This ensures that your information technology provides optimal support for your business processes at all times – and that you can offer your customers maximum added value.

From business objectives to IT strategy

A flexible, adaptable IT strategy is an essential pre-requisite for business success. It’s the only way to ensure that you’re providing the right services at all times, supporting business processes with an eye to the future and effectively managing IT risks.

UMB can help you draw up a robust IT strategy derived from your company objectives. We’re happy to help you document your strategy in detail and, if required, we can also carry out a recurring IT strategy audit. That way you can be confident that your IT will stay on track in the future.

A broad-based, well-communicated IT strategy

An IT strategy is only as good as its implementation. That’s why it’s so important to systematically involve your team in the development of your strategy – and then make sure you thoroughly communicate the solution. This brings all of your IT activities into line. And, in turn, strengthens your IT.





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