«It only took a few weeks for UMB to switch our IT over to managed services. Speed and quality convinced us to choose the scalable UMB cloud with integrated SAP basic operations.»

Andreas Koch, CFO, Heberlein

A Somewhat Different Customer Testimonial - With Heberlein and UMB!

06/12/2018 - 08:45

With Heberlein in Wattwil: a somewhat different customer testimonial...


A Somewhat Different Customer Testimonial

IT as a Service with basic SAP operation: Andreas Koch, CFO of Heberlein, has opted for UMB - because everything runs worry-free all round. Watch our latest video to see why UMB customers don't have to understand everything. Enjoy it!

Heberlein Wattwil customer video

Customer case Heberlein: A Swiss industrial icon in the UMB cloud