UMB Cybersecurity Misconceptions

Ten Cybersecurity Misconceptions That Could Become Very Expensive.

Many companies think they are too insignificant or uninteresting to be a target for cyberattacks. This has been proven to be a gross misconception - and just one of ten cybersecurity misconceptions that can have serious consequences for you and your business. Get informed now and take action before you get into trouble. 

Get informed now!

Cybercrime has become such a ubiquitous topic that we hardly notice the numerous reports of ransomware attacks, data breaches, and other scams anymore. This, however, is a big mistake. Cybercrime has become a lucrative business field that generates billions in revenue. It is estimated that cybercrime now generates more revenue worldwide than the drug trade. We are all affected by this and it is therefore important that we assess the risk correctly. Mistakes may prove very costly.      


No one is too small to be a potential victim 

Any person or small business with a digital presence and use of computers is a potential victim. Most hacker attacks happen with little spectacle but are carried out by opportunists in search of easy prey. Among the most popular targets are companies with unpatched security vulnerabilities or misconfigurations. Even if you think you are too insignificant a target you should scan your network for suspicious activity as soon as possible.      

Cybercrime - a business where almost anyone can get in on the action

Did you know that there are ready-to-use kits available on the Internet that allow even a technical layman to launch cyberattacks? What's more, there is support available for those who fail even at very low technical hurdles. The most popular phishing sets are designed for Office 365, PayPal, Amazon, Google or Instagram. Thus, it is clear that almost anyone can launch a cyberattack, and that such an attack could hit you as well. Deal with the issue now and protect yourself.     


UMB Cyber Defense Center - with the best protection from IBM  

Every endpoint is a potential vulnerability and time is of the essence when it comes to cybersecurity. The UMB Cyber Defense Center is always ready to intervene. We monitor your IT security seven days a week and around the clock. We rely on superior security products from IBM - such as the leading SIEM solution IBM QRadar.  


UMB all-round security - we view your IT as a holistic entity

All-round security is only achieved when all components are included in the security concept. With our leading edge expertise in the areas of consulting, cloud, digital transformation, modern work, and infrastructure, we offer a network of specialists. We master all disciplines and areas of your IT - there will be no gateways for hackers!   


I would not wish an incident of this magnitude on anyone. Meier Tobler has responded to this and is implementing a new, strong IT system with UMB!

Martin Schäppi, Head of Corporate Communications, Meier Tobler AG

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Ten Cybersecurity Misconceptions That Could Become Very Expensive.   

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Thanks to modular cybersecurity services UMB creates permanent protection in an increasingly digital and complex world. Only balanced organizational and technical measures will protect your company effectively and holistically. To achieve this, new security dimensions must be introduced that are designed to complement classic prevention (network and perimeter protection). On the one hand, this includes the ability to detect an attacker at an early stage. On the other hand, it is critical to initiate the appropriate countermeasures quickly.  

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