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Ten Backup Misconceptions You Can't Afford to Ignore

Regularly backing up your business data ensures that your data is protected and can be restored in the event of unexpected events such as system failures, natural disasters, or cyberattacks. Read below to learn about the misconceptions that are still common when it comes to data backup.

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Data loss can happen suddenly; it is unpredictable. The question is not whether you will ever need your backup data; the question is when you will need it. The loss of business-critical data can be extremely damaging; your work processes, productivity, customer satisfaction, business revenue, and reputation may all be hit hard. Proper backups are the best antidote. They reduce downtime and shorten recovery time.


One copy is not enough

Data security requires multiple copies in case one becomes damaged or corrupted. The 3-2-1 backup strategy calls for three backup copies. This is a simple and effective method to avoid data loss.


Do not wait to back up your data until it becomes necessary

The data backup process should be automated to avoid human error and save time as well as resources. Up-to-date and detailed documentation on backup frequency, storage media and recovery procedures should be available.


If you are uncertain regarding your backup strategy, let us help. Contact us now - in the event of an emergency, you will be very glad you did.

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Ten backup misconceptions you can't afford to ignore

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