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Cyber Security: Do You Know What the World Knows About Your Company?

Your company is visible in cyberspace. No matter what you or your employees do, they leave digital footprints everywhere. What do these footprints look like? We will answer this question for you as part of our UMB digital risk monitoring and in comparison with other market participants. After all, the answer you’ll get determines the degree of your security.

UMB Connections Company
From where in the world is there a connection to your company?

Do you know your digital footprint? It can determine whether information about your company is leaked to third parties, which makes you vulnerable. Phishing and ransomware attacks have become a veritable business model impacting more and more companies around the world. Get an overview of the threats your business is exposed to. Compare your cyber risks with those of other market players.

What do others know about your company?

Your company's digital footprint is extremely complex, and doors can open up everywhere for hackers. Open ports or insufficient encryption are only a small part of a possible exposure. Our service will provide a comprehensive external view of your company and includes the following elements:

We will provide an overview of the utilization of your web frames

Brand risk
What are the challenges associated with your domain name?

Cloud storage
We will identify the storage services used by your organization (Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc.).

You will receive information about current darknet trends.

Digital asset
We will identify and catalog your digital assets.

DNS services can become vulnerabilities. We will check your DNS records.

Has the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) for e-mails been implemented? If not, it can become a risk.

Geo risk
We determine the geolocation of your digital assets.

Incident history
We will trace past cyber incidents in your company. This will deliver valuable information.

IoT devices
We will identify vulnerable IoT devices based on classless inter-domain routing (CIDR) netmask.

We will detect open ports and otherwise exposed digital assets on your network.

You will get an evaluation of vulnerabilities for known network services on your network.

Hot threat
We will verify if critical common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) need to be patched at a defined digital asset.

Source code
Source code is one of your company's most important digital assets. We will check whether the source code contains any confidential information.

We will check every IP address in your organization with our cyber threat intelligence (CTI).

Shadow IT
We will track down hardware and software that is being operated without your IT department's knowledge.

Social media
We will detect fake social media profiles.

We will verify the SSL settings of your websites.

Confidential documents
We will trace confidential documents of your company.

Access data
We will show where your employees' account information has been exposed.

UMB Trends Critical Incidents
The graph shows trends for critical incidents associated with your organization.

UMB digital risk monitoring: Have immediate certainty.

UMB digital risk monitoring consists of two modules:

  • Enterprise risk monitoring: Looks at the digital risks of your own organization or domain.
  • Third party risk monitoring: Scans the digital risks of third parties, such as customers, partners, or suppliers.

Get certainty now with the digital risk monitoring scan. Our specialists will conduct the scan and then present the results. You will be amazed at the significance and transparency of the results. If you wish, you will also receive concrete recommendations for action from our experts.




An investment that will pay off.

One-time snapshot: From CHF 1,900.-

SaaS platform access: From CHF 1,750.-


UMB Digital Risk Monitoring
Where does your company stand compared to the industry?

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UMB digital risk monitoring: Your benefits at a glance

  • Concise assessment in a web portal
  • Transparent display of the external view - also with regard to the interaction with your partners, customers, and suppliers
  • Determination of your security level - in comparison with your market participants
  • The possibility of obtaining a recurring service that permanently monitors and reports your visibility
  • A concrete action plan upon request

Advantages UMB Digital Risk Monitoring