UMB Innovation & Future of Work: Where Will Your Journey Take You?

Digital technology is developing at breakneck speed. Where do you want to go? Our innovation team is constantly testing new technologies and has its finger on the pulse of new developments. We are up to date on the latest digital advances and know all the important trends.

Your advantages with Innovation & Future of Work from UMB

  • We are your contact for (almost) all modern IT technologies
  • We know our way around robotics systems
  • We are your specialists for Assisted Reality

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Innovation & Software Engineering

We are convinced that individual problems require individual solutions. That is why we are interested in difficulties in your processes, in "resinous" information management and in better communication services in your customer communication.

We build applications that fit seamlessly into your system landscape. For example, this could be a tool on your website that allows video calls directly into the Microsoft Teams instance of your support team. Or the automatic triage of telephone support requests into the ticket system via speech recognition. Would you benefit from a simple web application to optimise one of your communication workflows? We would be happy if our contribution helps you and your customers.


Solution areas

We have already developed solutions in the following areas - and more are being added all the time.

Voice- & ChatBot

Bots guide users automatically through business processes without tying up employees. Many channels are conceivable, such as telephone, web or chat. Like all technical concepts, bots do not mean the solution to all problems. However, when used in a targeted manner, our bots, which even understand Swiss German, can relieve your employees. So that they in turn can help your customers in a focused and efficient manner.

Communication and collaboration solutions

"Microsoft Teams" and comparable solutions have been on everyone's lips for quite some time and have been rapidly integrated into companies across the board in recent years. Fortunately, most applications offer a wide range of extension options and interfaces. It is precisely these that we make use of so that we can meet even more of your individual requirements.

Customised products

Sometimes it turns out that no existing product meets the requirements. Then we are happy to help and work out possible solutions with you. With innovative ideas and an interaction with the latest technologies, we sketch out (visually and conceptually) possible proposals together. We disclose advantages and disadvantages until we have found the right solution.

Are you curious?

Our specialists look forward to hearing from you.

Your contacts

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Carlos Moreira
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Future of Work Experience

Great things often start with an idea! You want to discover something new and try it out without having to buy it right away? No problem! We are happy to support you during a week of «Future of Work Experience». We offer:

  • The booster day: the delivery of the idea, the initial setup and the onboarding of the administrators & users
  • Speed-up day: defining the desired scenarios and the goals to be achieved
  • Self-flying days: two days during which you can test your idea yourself, accompanied by the remote support of our team
  • Landing day: debriefing, feedback, evaluating and assessing the experiment


Modern meeting experience

We also offer various communication solutions. Since home offices have become indispensable, we would like to introduce you to our best practices and our products for the modern meeting experience. Familiar solutions such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams for video conferencing, for example, become more powerful when combined with digital whiteboarding capabilities (such as Microsoft or Collaboard) or Microsoft OneNote and the Microsoft Office Suite for online co-creation and note-taking.


We look forward to a first online conversation with you. You can make your appointment here.


Your contacts

Foto Carlos Moreira
Carlos Moreira
+41 58 263 28 50
Luca Bino
+41 58 263 22 29

Assisted Reality

Assisted Reality enables those employees working in front line roles, such as field service, to receive safe support remotely and ensures their access to technical information while on the move. Head-mounted video conferencing devices with augmented reality capabilities can increase the safety and productivity of your workforce.


The RealWear headset allows the use of various video telephony solutions, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, Alcatel Lucent or Unify, enabling rapid integration of these solutions into the company's business processes.

The new flagship RealWear NavigatorTM 500 is designed to meet the needs of frontline employees both today and in the future. This second-generation solution is extremely robust and offers a variety of innovations.

Our added value for you

We offer guidance in proof-of-concept mode, providing RealWear helmets to our customers over a specified period of time. Together, we will define the desired scenario and the goals to be achieved, ensure the training of the users, attend necessary tests and assist in the evaluation of the achievement of the goals. This allows companies to approach the topic and validate the concept without making large investments.

Do not hesitate to contact us directly for a first online meeting.


As a broad-based IT company and solution provider for a wide range of industries, we are deeply involved in innovation topics that drive our customers forward and support our solutions. These topics include robotics and artificial intelligence (AI).

Témi interacts with people

tēmi is the first robot that effectively interacts with humans while providing flawless autonomous navigation, dynamic video and audio experiences, and advanced AI. You can start using this intelligent navigation and orientation robot right now.

Whether in healthcare, retail, business, elderly care, the hotel industry or as a personal robot at home: tēmi can be used in a variety of ways.

Artificial intelligence, autonomous navigation, and interaction with visitors, patients, and employees: tēmi has a lot to offer!

Have we sparked your interest? Or do you have any questions that you would like to clarify? Our Future of Work team is looking forward to an online conversation with you without any obligation on your part. Contact us.

Double Robotics – Telepresence robot for the hybrid office

Double 3  is an autonomous driving video conferencing robot that revolutionizes the way you work or learn remotely. As more employers allow flexible or remote work schedules, hybrid offices and hybrid classrooms need tools designed for such new settings.

For remote workers and students who can't be present in person, Double 3 is the ultimate work tool. When connected to your colleagues, the robot will convey your presence.

Have we sparked your interest? Or do you have any questions that you would like to clarify? Our Future of Work team is looking forward to an online conversation with you without any obligation on your part. Contact us.