Our solutions for the healthcare sector

UMB is your specialist for ICT solutions with years of experience and well-known customers in healthcare like public and private hospitals. We will advise you comprehensively and guide you through your process from A-Z, from evaluation at your site to installation, support, and operation.

Let us inspire you and advise you on the extensive range of innovative solutions for your patients, visitors, and your team: From entertainment and infotainment solutions to communication, alerting, and tracking solutions.

Our expertise includes the following topics:

Patient journey

With our digital patient journey, patients can be accompanied from the first symptoms through their hospital stay all the way to aftercare.

Communication & collaboration

Our modern communication solutions include voice, video, screen sharing, chat, and file sharing - intuitive, flexible and simple.

Collaboration will be significantly simplified. You will achieve increased performance, scalability, location independence and transparency in your company.

Digitization at the bedside

In addition to using TV, radio, telephony and movies, patients can surf the Internet, obtain information via the patient portal and use existing applications directly at the bedside.

Bedside support: Information such as X-ray images can be viewed directly on the touchscreen of the patient terminal together with the doctor.

Infotainment and networking

The Medix-Care link solution with the digital bell on the screen displays all services available to patients. The nursing staff can thus distinguish between emergency and pure service request and avoid unnecessary duplications.

Digital patient admission

We will support you on the way to digital patient admission. Patients can fill out all the necessary forms on their smartphones, select specific services and upload additional documents. The online identification check and subsequent digital signature at the hospital complete the process.

Telehealth and video telephony

We would be happy to show you how the telehealth and video telephony solution VicoCare can ensure secure communication. It connects patients or residents with their relatives and friends, and by providing a direct link between healthcare professionals and your clients via telehealth call, general consultations, health-related conversations or translation services can also be offered.

Alerting & evacuation

Optimize your critical communications in emergency and crisis situations such as pandemic, evacuation or emergency conferences with our diverse solutions. These can also include real-time localization RTLS and nurse call services.


We offer comprehensive advice on topics such as security, data center, LAN/WLAN and building automation.

Managed service

Entrust us with the responsibility: We will manage your entire ICT solution (infrastructure and applications) and guide you into your digital future. This gives you the flexibility to calculate your costs as OpEx instead of tying capital up as CapEx.

Trends & innovations

We are keeping on the cutting edge for you and are monitoring the trends and innovations: From possible applications for artificial intelligence to the Internet of things (IoT), robotics and digital processes.

We will be happy to help you if you would like to know more about our comprehensive portfolio and expertise.

Do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer advisors Carmelo Salmeri and Nicolas Krebs are looking forward to your inquiry.

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