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Is your cloud sufficiently flexible?

Nothing is as constant as change - and that also applies to your business. Market conditions change, new competitors emerge, technical achievements offer completely new opportunities. And before you know it, your business plans will be obsolete. That's why data storage in the cloud must be flexible and able to keep up.

Hybrid-Clouds are very flexible and offer the possibility to store data in a way that will optimize costs. It can be advantageous to be able to move data between on premises and the cloud. Which, by the way, provides agility in workload allocation as well as increased scalability and resilience. However, this requires a solution that allows data to be moved quickly and easily.


Flexibility in the hybrid cloud

We offer flexible cloud solutions in cooperation with our partner NetApp that enable you to move data within hybrid environments at any time and at lightning speed. On the one hand, this allows you to continuously adapt your capacities to the requirements of your business, while on the other hand optimizing your costs and increasing redundancy. Contact us now. We will be happy to explain how you can achieve your maximum flexibility in the cloud.

Flexible Cloud
UMB Partner NetApp
UMB Partner NetApp

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