«With Curo, UMB has digitized the entire damage report process with our tenants in the shortest possible time. This is a milestone for ABZ, leading to a great increase in efficiency and more convenience for our members as well as our property managers and suppliers.»

Hans Rupp, Managing Director ABZ

CURO: Digitization as a Service by UMB

Connecting products, partners, value chains and business models

CURO by UMB simplifies the automatization of processes and enables the deployment of digital applications as well as data integration. The purpose: to create a single business platform for all devices, users, interactions, data evaluations, and business integration processes. Put us to the Test with Try & Buy.
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CURO is slim. CURO is flexible. CURO has a flair for integration.

The CURO platform facilitates easy communication with your ERP and CRM systems, Office 365 and many more applications. CURO allows you to access all important data at any time and thus to work in a context-based way.

What are CURO’s abilities?

CURO connects your products, entire value chains, as well as complex business models. Master data is aggregated on demand and made available on 360 degree dashboards. CURO is multi-tenant capable and every division or company has its own individual space.

Customers, suppliers, and business partners can be integrated directly into the business process through APIs (application programming interfaces) or the portal.
CURO has been designed from scratch as a native cloud solution following a micro service architecture pattern. It works as SaaS. This enables a variety of applications on a single platform, for example, in the fields of contract management, invoicing, financial reporting, logistics, healthcare, or customer care.

Abundant flexibility and transparency - only when digitizing with CURO.

«CURO as a service» delivered from a Swiss UMB datacenter

  • CURO is delivered as a service on the basis of transparent and clearly measurable service level agreements
  • CURO’s back-end infrastructure is made available centrally from the UMB private cloud - located in Switzerland
  • It offers top flexibility and scalability while providing and managing resources, interfaces, and features.
  • It offers predictable all-inclusive costs through a monthly flat-rate charge including all services (operation, support, licenses) and systems (hard- and software).

The transparent CURO offer:

  • Design thinking workshop
  • Discovery workshop with subsequent offer and schedule
  • CURO - the digitization solution
  • Proof of concepts based on CURO
  • Scrum team made-up from experienced software developers (full stack developers) proficient in BPMN and DMN standards

Digitize now with CURO - quickly and simply!

Try & Buy: Put Us to the Test.

UMB Try & Buy works incredibly simple. Just get in touch with us to discuss how we can design the desired service for you (service implementation). Depending on model and service, you will pay a fee for the test phase and can then make full use of our cloud service.

At the end of two months, you can either withdraw from the service or switch to the standard contract model paying a monthly flat fee. We will, of course, credit you for any prepaid fee.





Roland Imoberdorf
Senior Sales Consultant

+41 44 805 13 60
Dirk Budke
Teamleader Process & Integration Consulting
Teamleader Process Consulting & CURO Development
+41 44 805 13 59
Martin Gartmann
CSO - Head of Business Development & Sales

+41 41 749 20 12